Fill in the blank: If you wanted to copy the HubL markup of a section in the page editor, you would need to _____.

Place the the query string ?developerMode=true at the end of the url​ to enter developer mode.

Hover over the section, then right click and copy the code using the developer tools in your browser.

Use the Design Manager.

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Explanation: The correct answer is Place the query string ?developerMode=true at the end of the URL to enter developer mode. This method allows users to access the developer mode in the HubSpot CMS page editor, enabling them to view and copy the HubL markup of sections directly. By appending the query string ‘?developerMode=true’ to the end of the page URL and loading the page, users can trigger the developer mode, which unlocks additional functionalities, including the ability to inspect and manipulate the underlying code of page elements. Once in developer mode, users can easily hover over the desired section, right-click, and select the option to copy the HubL markup using their browser’s developer tools. This approach provides a straightforward and efficient way to access and replicate the HubL markup of sections within the page editor, facilitating tasks such as customization, debugging, or code analysis. Therefore, the selected answer accurately identifies the correct method for copying HubL markup in the page editor, leveraging the developer mode feature to access and extract the desired code snippets effectively.

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