Fill in the blank: In conversation intelligence, transcript provides a full transcript of the conversation and can ____.

track terms used during the call

report how often the salesperson is speaking compared to the prospect

be edited by a manager

search for keywords or phrases within the transcript

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Explanation: The correct answer is search for keywords or phrases within the transcript. In conversation intelligence, the transcript feature provides a comprehensive written record of the conversation between a salesperson and a prospect. This transcript not only offers a detailed account of the dialogue but also serves as a valuable resource for extracting insights and information. One of the key functionalities of the transcript is its search capability, which enables users to search for specific keywords or phrases within the transcript text. This search functionality enhances usability and efficiency by allowing users to quickly locate relevant sections of the conversation, identify key topics or points of interest, and extract valuable insights without having to manually review the entire transcript. By searching for keywords or phrases within the transcript, users can pinpoint specific information, trends, or themes, facilitating analysis, coaching, and decision-making processes. Therefore, the correct answer is ‘search for keywords or phrases within the transcript,’ as it accurately describes one of the capabilities of the transcript feature in conversation intelligence platforms.

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