Fill in the blank: In HubSpot's deals tool, deals ideally progress from _____ on the board.

right to left

left to right

lower to higher

higher to lower

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Explanation: The correct answer is ’left to right.’ In HubSpot’s deals tool, deals ideally progress from left to right on the board. This progression aligns with the typical stages of the sales pipeline, where deals move through various stages from initial contact to closure. The leftmost column of the deals board usually represents the earliest stages of the sales process, such as prospecting or qualification, while the rightmost column signifies the final stages, such as negotiation or closed-won. As deals advance through the pipeline, they transition from one stage to the next, moving horizontally across the board from left to right. This visual representation allows sales teams to track the status of deals at a glance, identify bottlenecks or delays, and prioritize their efforts accordingly. By adhering to the left-to-right progression, sales organizations can ensure a systematic and efficient approach to managing their deals, ultimately improving their sales performance and closing rates. Therefore, the statement that deals ideally progress from left to right on the board in HubSpot’s deals tool is correct, as it accurately reflects the typical flow of deals through the sales pipeline.

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