Fill in the blank: In HubSpot, you can attach .docx, .pptx, .xlsx, and _____ documents to your emails.





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Explanation: The correct answer is ‘.pdf.’ In HubSpot, users can attach various types of documents to their emails, including .docx (Word documents), .pptx (PowerPoint presentations), .xlsx (Excel spreadsheets), and .pdf (Portable Document Format) files. The ability to attach .pdf documents to emails provides users with versatility in sharing documents in a standardized and widely compatible format. PDF files are commonly used for sharing documents because they preserve the formatting, layout, and content integrity across different devices and platforms, ensuring that recipients can view the document as intended. By allowing users to attach .pdf files to their emails, HubSpot enhances the flexibility and utility of its email marketing and communication tools, enabling users to share important documents, reports, presentations, or contracts seamlessly within their email campaigns. Therefore, the statement accurately describes the types of documents that can be attached to emails in HubSpot, highlighting the platform’s support for a diverse range of file formats to meet users’ communication and collaboration needs effectively.

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