Fill in the blank; In the concept, 'fire bullets, then cannonballs,' bullets represent ————, while cannonball represent ————.

unproven ideas; proven hits.

proven hits; unproven ideas.

small, proven ideas; huge, well-resourced hits.

huge, well-resourced ideas; small, proven ideas.

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Explanation: The correct answer is small, proven ideas; huge, well-resourced hits. In the concept of ‘fire bullets, then cannonballs,’ bullets represent small, low-cost experiments or initiatives that are relatively easy to implement and test. These bullets allow organizations to gather data and evidence about what works and what doesn’t without committing significant resources upfront. Once a bullet has proven successful, it becomes a ‘proven hit.’ At this point, the organization can then invest more resources into scaling up the successful idea, turning it into a ‘cannonball.’ Cannonballs represent larger, more substantial initiatives or investments that have been validated by the success of the initial bullets. By starting with small, proven ideas (bullets) and then scaling up to larger, well-resourced hits (cannonballs), organizations can minimize risk, conserve resources, and maximize the impact of their efforts. This approach emphasizes the importance of testing and validation before making significant commitments, helping organizations make more informed decisions and achieve greater success in the long run.

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