Fill in the blank: Jamal Meneide mentions three pillars for video editing and post-production. They are concision, clarity, and _____.


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Explanation: The correct answer is captivation. In video editing and post-production, Jamal Meneide highlights the importance of concision, clarity, and captivation as the three pillars guiding the process. While concision emphasizes the need to keep the video content succinct and focused, clarity ensures that the message is communicated effectively without ambiguity. Captivation, the missing pillar, underscores the significance of engaging and holding the audience’s attention throughout the video. It involves employing various creative techniques, storytelling elements, and visual effects to captivate viewers and leave a lasting impression. By incorporating captivation into the editing and post-production process, creators can enhance the overall quality of their videos and increase viewer engagement, ultimately achieving their communication goals more effectively.

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