Fill in the blank: Retargeting an example of _____ targeting.





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Explanation: The correct answer is behavioral. Retargeting is a form of behavioral targeting in digital advertising. It involves serving ads to users based on their past behavior or interactions with a website or app. When users visit a website but leave without completing a desired action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form, retargeting allows advertisers to re-engage these users by displaying relevant ads as they browse other websites or platforms across the internet. This targeting strategy relies on tracking user behavior, such as website visits, page views, or product interactions, to deliver personalized ads to individuals who have already shown an interest in a brand or product. By targeting users based on their previous actions, retargeting aims to bring them back to complete the desired action, thus increasing conversion rates and maximizing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Therefore, retargeting exemplifies behavioral targeting, as it focuses on reaching users based on their past behavior and interactions online.

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