Fill in the blank: Strive to choose a core topic with a monthly search volume that’s at least __________.





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Explanation: Strive to choose a core topic with a monthly search volume that’s at least 300. When selecting a core topic for your content strategy, aiming for a minimum monthly search volume of 300 ensures that there is sufficient interest and search demand for the topic. This volume indicates that a meaningful number of people are actively searching for information related to the topic, providing an opportunity to attract organic traffic to your website. While topics with higher search volumes may seem appealing, they often come with more competition, making it harder to rank prominently in search engine results. Conversely, topics with very low search volumes may not attract enough organic traffic to justify the investment in content creation and optimization. By targeting a monthly search volume of at least 300, you strike a balance between search demand and competition, maximizing the potential for your content to be discovered by your target audience through organic search channels. Therefore, aiming for a monthly search volume of 300 is the recommended threshold when selecting core topics for your content strategy.

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