Fill in the blank: The compact card style in the deals tool displays _____.

less information than the default style

more information than the default style

the same information as the default style

only the amount and close date

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Explanation: The correct answer is ’the same information as the default style.’ In HubSpot’s deals tool, the compact card style displays the same information as the default style. While the appearance may vary slightly between the compact and default styles, both formats present users with essential deal information such as deal name, amount, stage, close date, and any custom properties that have been configured. The primary difference lies in the layout and presentation, with the compact style typically condensing the display to fit more deals within a smaller space. This allows users to view and manage a larger number of deals at once, particularly useful for sales teams with extensive pipelines. However, despite the condensed appearance, the compact card style ensures that all pertinent deal information remains accessible and visible, facilitating efficient deal management and decision-making. Therefore, the correct answer is ’the same information as the default style,’ as it accurately describes the content displayed in the compact card style within HubSpot’s deals tool.

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