Fill in the blank: The conflict in your content’s story should focus on the ____________.

prospects’ needs

prospects’ stage of the buyer’s journey

prospects’ problems

All of the above

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Explanation: The conflict in your content’s story should focus on All of the above. By addressing prospects’ needs, stage of the buyer’s journey, and problems, you create a narrative that resonates deeply with your audience and drives engagement. Focusing on prospects’ needs ensures that your content is relevant and valuable, addressing the challenges or desires they are currently facing. Tailoring the conflict to their stage of the buyer’s journey acknowledges their position in the decision-making process, offering guidance and support that aligns with their level of awareness and consideration. Additionally, highlighting prospects’ problems presents an opportunity to showcase how your product or service can provide solutions, positioning your brand as a trusted advisor and problem-solver. By addressing all these aspects of the prospect’s experience, you create a comprehensive and compelling story that captures their attention and drives them towards conversion. Therefore, the conflict in your content’s story should focus on all of the above to effectively engage and resonate with your audience throughout their journey.

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