Fill in the blank: The continuous improvement stage is a repeatable, _____ process for the team to continuously collect ______, build _______, and generate more momentum as they go.

agile, real user data, high-impact items

agile, stakeholder feedback, brand new pages

waterfall, and analyze, new items

fast-moving, data, new action items

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Explanation: The correct answer is agile, real user data, high-impact items. In the continuous improvement stage of Growth-Driven Design (GDD), teams follow an agile approach to iteratively enhance the website based on real user data. By continuously collecting real user data through analytics, heatmaps, surveys, and other tools, teams gain valuable insights into user behavior, preferences, and pain points. These insights inform the identification and prioritization of high-impact items, such as design tweaks, content optimizations, and functionality enhancements, that have the potential to drive significant improvements in user experience and business outcomes. By focusing on high-impact items and leveraging real user data to guide decision-making, teams can effectively prioritize their efforts and generate momentum as they iteratively refine and optimize the website over time. Therefore, the selected answer accurately describes the iterative and data-driven nature of the continuous improvement stage in GDD, highlighting its emphasis on agility, real user data, and high-impact items to drive ongoing website optimization and growth.

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