Fill in the blank: The Top Posts report shows a list of your top ____ performing posts.





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Explanation: The Top Posts report shows a list of your top 10 performing posts, as indicated by option C. This report provides insights into the most successful or engaging posts across various metrics such as views, likes, shares, or comments, depending on the platform or tool used to generate the report. By focusing on the top 10 performing posts, users can identify content that resonates well with their audience, driving high levels of engagement, visibility, or conversion. This allows marketers and content creators to understand which types of content are most effective in achieving their goals and to replicate successful strategies in future campaigns. Additionally, limiting the report to the top 10 posts ensures that users can easily digest and prioritize the most relevant insights without being overwhelmed by excessive data. Therefore, option C accurately specifies the number of top performing posts displayed in the Top Posts report, facilitating efficient analysis and decision-making for optimizing content strategy and performance.

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