Anica is using Dynamic Remarketing and wants to treat product viewers and cart abandoners differently. Anica can use different bid modifiers for each of these audiences.



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Explanation: True. Anica can indeed use different bid modifiers for product viewers and cart abandoners when utilizing Dynamic Remarketing. Dynamic Remarketing allows advertisers to show personalized ads to users who have previously interacted with their website or mobile app, showcasing products or services they have viewed or shown interest in. By segmenting audiences based on their behavior, such as distinguishing between product viewers and cart abandoners, Anica can tailor her bidding strategy to optimize ad performance. For instance, she may choose to bid higher for cart abandoners to incentivize them to complete their purchase or bid lower for product viewers to encourage them to explore further and potentially convert. This flexibility in bid adjustment enables Anica to maximize the effectiveness of her remarketing campaigns by targeting different audience segments with customized bidding strategies, ultimately driving better results and ROI. Therefore, the statement is true, as Anica can indeed apply different bid modifiers for product viewers and cart abandoners in Dynamic Remarketing campaigns.

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