Contoso Cameras wants to run image based ads across the brand safe properties of the MSN website, the Microsoft Edge browser, and Which ad solution from Microsoft Advertising should Contoso Cameras use?

Dynamic Search Ads

Product ads with Microsoft Shopping

Microsoft Audience Network Audience Ads

Flyer extensions

Certification program: 👉 Microsoft Advertising Native & Display certification

Explanation: The correct answer is ‘Microsoft Audience Network Audience Ads.’ Contoso Cameras aims to run image-based ads across brand-safe properties of the MSN website, the Microsoft Edge browser, and Microsoft Audience Network Audience Ads align perfectly with this objective, as they allow advertisers to display visually engaging image ads across a network of high-quality websites, apps, and other placements within the Microsoft ecosystem. By leveraging Audience Ads, Contoso Cameras can reach a broad audience of potential customers while ensuring brand safety and alignment with reputable Microsoft properties such as MSN, Microsoft Edge, and These ads are designed to seamlessly integrate with the surrounding content, delivering a native advertising experience that enhances user engagement and drives performance. Moreover, Audience Ads offer robust targeting capabilities, enabling Contoso Cameras to reach specific audience segments based on demographics, interests, and behaviors, further maximizing the relevance and effectiveness of their ad campaigns. Therefore, the selected answer option accurately identifies the ad solution that best suits Contoso Cameras’ advertising needs, emphasizing its ability to deliver image-based ads across brand-safe properties within the Microsoft Advertising ecosystem.

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