Fernando is creating ad copy for his Microsoft Audience Network Ad for a new line of blazers he is marketing. What is the character limit for the long headline Fernando can write?

90 Characters

30 Characters

60 Characters

Certification program: 👉 Microsoft Advertising Native & Display certification

Explanation: The correct character limit for the long headline that Fernando can write for his Microsoft Audience Network Ad promoting a new line of blazers is 90 Characters. This option is correct because Microsoft Advertising allows advertisers to include a longer headline for their ads, providing additional space to convey relevant information and capture audience attention. With a character limit of 90, Fernando has the flexibility to craft a compelling and descriptive headline that effectively communicates the key selling points of the blazers while enticing users to engage with the ad. Utilizing the available character space efficiently enables Fernando to create engaging ad copy that resonates with his target audience and drives clicks and conversions. Conversely, options such as 30 or 60 characters would be insufficient for conveying sufficient information and compelling users to take action, making 90 characters the appropriate character limit for the long headline in Fernando’s Microsoft Audience Network Ad campaign. Therefore, understanding the character limits for ad copy elements is crucial for advertisers to optimize their messaging and maximize the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns on the Microsoft Audience Network.

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