Both Product_Type and Product_Category attributes recognize which sign as their delimiter?

'_' (Underscore)

'>' (Greater than)

'<' (Less than)

'-' (Hyphen)

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Explanation: The correct delimiter recognized by both the Product_Type and Product_Category attributes in Microsoft Advertising Shopping is the ‘>’ (Greater than) sign. This choice is essential because it serves to create a clear hierarchical structure within these attributes, aiding in the accurate organization and categorization of products. For instance, in the Product_Type attribute, using the greater than sign allows you to define a product’s classification from a broad category to a more specific one, such as ‘Electronics > Mobile Phones > Smartphones’. This hierarchy is crucial for both feed management and user experience, as it helps in more precise targeting and better ad relevancy. Similarly, in the Product_Category attribute, the greater than sign delineates the progression from general to specific, ensuring that products are placed within the correct taxonomic structure recognized by the platform. The other delimiters, such as the underscore, less than sign, and hyphen, do not serve this hierarchical purpose and are not recognized by Microsoft Advertising for this specific function. The underscore is typically used for spacing within words, the less than sign does not denote progression, and the hyphen is generally used for separating compound words rather than creating levels of categorization. Therefore, the greater than sign is the only appropriate delimiter for establishing a nested structure within the Product_Type and Product_Category attributes, ensuring that the feed data is optimized for Microsoft’s system to correctly interpret and categorize the products, which in turn enhances ad targeting accuracy and improves overall campaign performance.

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