Contoso Candies wants to change its store name in the Microsoft Merchant Center. Who can amend the store name?

No one can change a store name after it is created

Only Contoso Candies

Microsoft Advertising support team

Contoso Candies and support

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Explanation: The correct answer is Microsoft Advertising support team. In the context of the Microsoft Merchant Center, the store name can be amended by the Microsoft Advertising support team. While Contoso Candies, as the owner of the store, may have control over various aspects of their account and product listings, the ability to modify the store name is typically reserved for the support team. This ensures that changes to essential account details, such as the store name, are managed securely and accurately. If Contoso Candies wishes to update their store name, they can reach out to the Microsoft Advertising support team for assistance. The support team will then facilitate the process of making the necessary modifications to ensure that the store name accurately reflects Contoso Candies’ branding and identity. Therefore, the Microsoft Advertising support team plays a pivotal role in enabling Contoso Candies to amend their store name within the Microsoft Merchant Center.

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