Contoso Jewelry Store wants to start using product ads and Microsoft Shopping Campaigns from scratch. What is the correct sequence of steps they need to follow in order to do this?

Claim their domain

Create a Microsoft Merchant Center Store

Create and upload a product feed

Create their shopping campaign

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Explanation: To start using product ads and Microsoft Shopping Campaigns from scratch, Contoso Jewelry Store must follow a specific sequence of steps, which ensures their products are correctly listed and advertised on the Microsoft platform. First, they need to claim their domain, which involves verifying their website to establish ownership. This step is crucial because it ensures that the store has the rights to advertise products from that domain, preventing fraudulent listings. Next, they must create a Microsoft Merchant Center Store. This step is essential as the Merchant Center serves as the central hub where all product information is stored and managed. Following this, they should create and upload a product feed. The product feed is a detailed file that contains information about all the products they intend to advertise, including descriptions, prices, images, and availability. Uploading this feed to the Merchant Center is vital because it allows Microsoft to understand and display their product listings accurately. Finally, they need to create their shopping campaign. This step involves setting up the actual campaign within Microsoft Advertising, where they will define their budget, target audience, and bidding strategies. Creating the campaign is the final step that brings all the previous steps together, enabling their products to appear in relevant search results and drive traffic to their online store. Each of these steps builds upon the previous one, creating a comprehensive and effective strategy for launching product ads and shopping campaigns on Microsoft.

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