Contoso Kitchens wants to implement product ratings but do not have a feed file for this. They've heard that ratings from one supplier do not require an additional feed. Which supplier is this?





Certification program: 👉 Microsoft Advertising Shopping certification exam

Explanation: The correct answer is Bazaarvoice. In Microsoft Advertising Shopping campaigns, implementing product ratings is crucial for enhancing the visibility and credibility of product listings, ultimately driving higher click-through rates and conversions. While integrating product ratings typically requires a feed file containing rating data, certain suppliers like Bazaarvoice offer ratings solutions that do not require an additional feed. Bazaarvoice provides a platform for collecting and syndicating product reviews and ratings from various sources, including verified buyers and third-party review platforms. By leveraging Bazaarvoice’s services, Contoso Kitchens can access product ratings seamlessly without the need to generate and maintain a separate feed file specifically for ratings data. This streamlines the process of implementing product ratings and ensures that Contoso Kitchens can display valuable social proof to potential customers, enhancing trust and confidence in their products. Therefore, Bazaarvoice is the supplier that does not require an additional feed for product ratings integration, making it the correct choice for Contoso Kitchens to achieve their goal of implementing product ratings within their Microsoft Advertising Shopping campaigns.

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