Contoso Pet Supplies wants to run a report that shows negative keywords and the products they are preventing from showing. Which report should they run?

Product match count report

Product negative keyword conflict report

Website URL report

Search term report

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Explanation: The correct report for Contoso Pet Supplies to run is the Product negative keyword conflict report. This report is specifically designed to identify instances where negative keywords are preventing products from appearing in search results. In the context of Microsoft Advertising Shopping campaigns, negative keywords are used to exclude certain terms that may not be relevant to the products being advertised. However, if these negative keywords are too broad or misaligned, they can inadvertently block relevant products from being shown to potential customers. The Product negative keyword conflict report helps advertisers understand which negative keywords are causing this issue, and which specific products are being affected. By running this report, Contoso Pet Supplies can review and refine their negative keyword strategy to ensure that it effectively filters out irrelevant traffic without hindering the visibility of their products. This targeted analysis is crucial for optimizing ad performance and ensuring that the right products reach the right audience. In contrast, the other report options, such as the Product match count report, Website URL report, and Search term report, do not provide the specific insights needed to address negative keyword conflicts. The Product match count report focuses on the number of times products have matched search queries, the Website URL report provides information on the URLs driving traffic, and the Search term report lists the actual search terms triggering ads. None of these reports offer the detailed conflict analysis necessary to identify and resolve negative keyword issues, making the Product negative keyword conflict report the appropriate choice for Contoso Pet Supplies.

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