A self-publishing business has determined that their highest-value potential customers reach out using a form on their website. They want more prospective customers to submit this form. What's the right campaign objective for this business's goals?

Product and brand consideration

Brand awareness and reach


Website traffic

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Explanation: The correct answer, Leads, aligns perfectly with the goals of the self-publishing business aiming to increase the number of prospective customers submitting forms on their website. The “Leads” campaign objective focuses explicitly on generating leads, which are potential customers who have expressed interest in a product or service by providing their contact information or engaging with specific calls-to-action, such as submitting a form. By selecting the “Leads” objective, the self-publishing business can optimize its campaign to prioritize actions that drive form submissions, such as promoting content or offers that incentivize visitors to fill out the form.

Unlike other objectives such as “Product and brand consideration” or “Brand awareness and reach,” which may prioritize broader marketing goals or audience awareness, the “Leads” objective is directly tied to the desired action of form submissions, ensuring that campaign efforts are focused on driving tangible results that contribute to the business’s bottom line.

dditionally, while “Website traffic” may drive visitors to the website, it does not specifically target or prioritize the desired action of form submissions, making it less suitable for achieving the business’s primary objective. Therefore, selecting the “Leads” campaign objective provides the self-publishing business with the most direct and effective approach to increasing the number of prospective customers submitting forms on their website, ultimately driving lead generation and supporting the business’s growth objectives.

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