Assets help give users which two things they want to get out of their search queries?

They provide attractive imagery.

They provide information based on their moment.

They provide product and service comparisons.

They provide relevant information.

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Explanation: Assets help give users the two things they want to get out of their search queries: they provide information based on their moment and they provide relevant information. When users conduct searches, they typically have specific goals or intentions in mind, whether it’s seeking information, making a purchase decision, or finding entertainment. Assets, such as images, videos, articles, or other types of content, play a crucial role in satisfying these user needs. Firstly, assets provide information based on the user’s moment, meaning they cater to the user’s current context, circumstances, or intent. For example, if a user is searching for a restaurant nearby, assets like location maps, menus, or customer reviews provide relevant information tailored to the user’s immediate needs. Secondly, assets provide relevant information by aligning with the user’s search query and delivering content that matches their interests or requirements. Whether it’s answering a question, providing a solution to a problem, or offering insights on a particular topic, assets enhance the search experience by presenting valuable and pertinent information to the user. While attractive imagery may catch the user’s attention, it doesn’t necessarily address their underlying informational needs or provide relevance to their search query. Similarly, while product and service comparisons can be valuable for decision-making, they may not always align with the user’s immediate context or intent. Therefore, the correct answers are that assets provide information based on the user’s moment and they provide relevant information, as these aspects directly fulfill the user’s objectives when conducting search queries.

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