Brian manages his company's Google Search Ads campaign. He regularly reviews the optimization score to make his Google Search campaign as effective as possible. What is Brian's optimization score based upon?

Comparing Brian's sales with ad serving data

Key aspects of his accounts, including statistics, settings, and industry trends

Judging ad popularity on social media

Testing and reporting on the speed of Brian's websites

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Explanation: This option best aligns with Brian’s goal of maximizing the effectiveness of his Google Search Ads campaign. The optimization score is a metric provided by Google that evaluates the overall health and effectiveness of an advertising account. It takes into consideration various factors to provide insights into the performance and potential areas for improvement of the campaign. One of the key components considered when calculating the optimization score is statistics. This includes metrics such as click-through rate, conversion rate, and ad position, which provide a clear understanding of how well the campaign is performing. By analyzing these statistics, Brian can identify any underperforming ads or keywords and make data-driven decisions to optimize and improve his campaign. Another crucial aspect that impacts the optimization score is the settings within Brian’s accounts. This includes bidding strategies, targeting settings, and ad extensions. By reviewing and adjusting these settings based on best practices and industry trends, Brian can ensure that his campaign is set up optimally to reach his target audience and attract relevant clicks. Lastly, the optimization score takes into account industry trends and benchmarks. Google compares the performance of Brian’s campaign with industry standards to assess its effectiveness. By analyzing industry trends and keeping up with the latest benchmarks, Brian can adapt his strategy and stay competitive in the market. Overall, the optimization score provides Brian with valuable insights into the performance of his Google Search Ads campaign, allowing him to make informed decisions to optimize and improve its effectiveness.

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