Singh's marketing company has created an enticing ad that receives many clicks. What effect will the ad likely have on the Google Ads auction?

The higher expected click-through rate will lead to a higher Ad Rank.

The ad will lead to a higher cost-per-click for the advertiser.

The quality of the ad will ensure the ad's cost-per-click will be reduced by at least 40%.

The advertiser will receive more bids in the auction.

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Explanation: The selected answer, The higher expected click-through rate will lead to a higher Ad Rank, correctly identifies the likely effect of Singh’s enticing ad on the Google Ads auction. Ad Rank, a crucial metric used by Google to determine ad positioning and eligibility, is influenced by various factors, including expected click-through rate (CTR), ad relevance, landing page experience, and ad format. In this scenario, the ad’s high click-through rate, indicative of its relevance and appeal to users, is likely to contribute to a higher Ad Rank. A higher Ad Rank, in turn, increases the ad’s visibility and placement within search results, potentially leading to more clicks and conversions. This creates a virtuous cycle where the ad’s performance reinforces its positioning, further driving engagement and ad effectiveness. Contrary to options suggesting increased cost-per-click or reduced cost-per-click due to ad quality, the selected answer accurately highlights the direct impact of the ad’s expected click-through rate on Ad Rank within the auction dynamics. Therefore, by delivering an enticing ad that garners high click-through rates, Singh’s marketing company is well-positioned to improve ad performance, maximize visibility, and achieve better results within Google Ads auctions.

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