What are three benefits of opting-in to automatically apply recommendations?

You'll see improved campaign performance

You can opt in without increasing your budget

You're regularly implementing best practices to your Google Ads accounts.

You'll be automatically implementing responsive search ads.

You'll be opting into Smart Bidding automatically.

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Explanation: The selected answers, You’ll see improved campaign performance, You can opt in without increasing your budget, and You’re regularly implementing best practices to your Google Ads accounts, accurately highlight the benefits of opting in to automatically apply recommendations within Google Ads. Firstly, opting in can lead to improved campaign performance as the platform automatically applies recommendations tailored to enhance various aspects of campaign management, such as keyword optimization, ad copy refinement, and bidding strategy adjustments. These optimizations are based on data-driven insights and industry best practices, thereby increasing the likelihood of achieving better results and maximizing return on investment. Secondly, opting in to apply recommendations does not necessitate increasing one’s budget, making it a cost-effective way to leverage automated improvements to campaign performance without additional financial commitments. This allows advertisers to optimize their campaigns within existing budget constraints and make the most of their advertising spend. Lastly, by automatically implementing recommendations, advertisers ensure that they are regularly incorporating best practices into their Google Ads accounts. This proactive approach helps maintain campaign health, relevance, and competitiveness in the ever-evolving digital advertising landscape, ultimately contributing to long-term success and effectiveness. In contrast, the options suggesting automatic implementation of responsive search ads or Smart Bidding do not directly address the broader benefits associated with applying recommendations automatically. Therefore, by opting in to automatically apply recommendations, advertisers can streamline campaign management, drive better performance, and stay aligned with industry best practices, ultimately enhancing the overall effectiveness and efficiency of their Google Ads campaigns.

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