Where can you go to view your bid status, performance trend over time, and conversion delay reporting?

Performance strategy planner

Auction analysis

Bidding keyword report

Bid strategy report

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Explanation: The correct answer, Bid strategy report, is the appropriate location to access information regarding bid status, performance trends over time, and conversion delay reporting. Within Google Ads, bid strategy reports provide comprehensive insights into the effectiveness and efficiency of bid strategies implemented in campaigns. These reports offer detailed analyses of bid performance, including metrics such as bid status, which indicates the current state of bidding for keywords or ad groups, enabling advertisers to monitor and adjust bids as necessary to optimize campaign performance. Moreover, bid strategy reports present performance trends over time, allowing advertisers to track changes in key metrics like clicks, impressions, conversions, and cost over various time intervals, facilitating informed decision-making and strategy refinement. Additionally, conversion delay reporting within bid strategy reports offers valuable insights into the time lag between ad interactions and resulting conversions, helping advertisers better understand the conversion journey and adjust their bidding strategies accordingly. By providing access to these critical performance metrics and insights, the bid strategy report serves as a vital tool for advertisers seeking to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of their bidding strategies, ultimately driving better campaign performance and ROI. Therefore, selecting the bid strategy report enables advertisers to access the necessary data and insights to optimize bidding strategies effectively and achieve their advertising goals within Google Ads.

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