You're a marketing executive who has been charged with planning an online advertising budget each month and you decided to use Google Ads' Performance Planner to assist your efforts. What are two advantages Performance Planner offers you?

Performance Planner forecasting is driven by billions of Google searches conducted every week.

Performance Planner can help you locate funds from other operational budgets so they can be allotted to marketing.

Performance Planner relies on machine learning for forecasting purposes.

Performance Planner can integrate with additional budgeting software like QuickBooks.

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Explanation: The selected answers, Performance Planner forecasting is driven by billions of Google searches conducted every week and Performance Planner relies on machine learning for forecasting purposes, highlight two key advantages of using Google Ads’ Performance Planner for planning an online advertising budget. Firstly, Performance Planner leverages the vast amount of data generated from billions of Google searches conducted weekly, providing marketers with accurate and insightful forecasting capabilities. This data-driven approach enables marketers to make informed decisions based on real-time trends and user behavior, optimizing budget allocation to maximize campaign performance and ROI. Additionally, Performance Planner harnesses the power of machine learning algorithms to enhance its forecasting capabilities further. By leveraging machine learning, Performance Planner can analyze historical campaign data, identify patterns, and predict future performance with a high degree of accuracy. This not only streamlines the budget planning process but also enables marketers to adapt their strategies dynamically in response to changing market conditions and consumer behavior. In contrast, while the other options may offer benefits such as budget reallocation or integration with external software, they do not directly address the core advantages of Performance Planner, which lie in its ability to harness data-driven insights and machine learning to optimize advertising budget planning and forecasting. Therefore, by utilizing Performance Planner, marketing executives can gain a competitive edge in planning their online advertising budgets, driving better results and maximizing the impact of their marketing efforts.

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