Android enterprise architecture and implementation

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  • A set of enterprise features organized by use case. [Solution set]
  • Content marketplace for Android in the enterprise. It allows Admins to select and manage apps for their organization. [Managed Google Play]
  • A self-contained profile on an Android device that isolates work apps and data from personal apps and data. [Work profile]
  • An app that controls local device policies and system applications on devices. [Device policy controller (DPC)]

Which is which? Below is a list of enrollment methods and identity models.

Enrollment methods

  • Zero-touch
  • QR code
  • Download DPC from the Google Play Store
  • NFC
  • DPC Identifier

Identity models

  • Managed Google Accounts (G Suite or Cloud Identity)
  • Managed Google Play Accounts

What are the two units that Shelby will be supporting for this device deployment?

  • Finance & healthcare
  • Oil & gas
  • Manufacturing & insurance
  • Transportation & power

What are the two units that Shelby will be supporting for this device deployment?

  • Finance & healthcare
  • Oil & gas
  • Manufacturing & insurance
  • Transportation & power

Which of the following is a primary concern of Hayden and Farah (the stakeholders at Indigo Industries)?

  • Budget
  • Interruptions to user workflows
  • Provisioning timelines
  • Data loss prevention

What are the two solutions sets that Indigo requires for this deployment?

  • MAM
  • Dedicated device
  • Fully managed
  • Work profile

Which of the following is an important policy that Indigo will need supported?

  • Disable location sharing
  • Prevent work to personal copy/paste
  • EMM pull notifications
  • Factory reset protection

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  • One of the challenges Shelby faces with her stakeholders is -.
  • What does Indigo’s current device investment look like?
  • Match each description to its corresponding method for managing user identities.
  • Select the appropriate identity type for each example company.
  • Based on the case study details, select which identity type you would recommend for Indigo Industries.
  • Support your recommendation to use managed Google Play Accounts. Choose a case study requirement that would need managed Google Play.
  • Which is the minimum Android OS that lets you add a work profile from Settings?
  • Which is the minimum Android OS that supports zero-touch enrollment on a range of OEM devices?
  • Which is the minimum Android OS version that supports QR code provisioning?
  • What is the simplest method for provisioning Android 7.0+ devices for Indigo Industries?
  • What is the simplest method for provisioning Android 8.0+ devices for Indigo Industries?
  • Why is zero-touch enrollment recommended for Android?
  • When two policies fulfill the same need, which one should you recommend?
  • Which is the minimum Android OS version to support the Disable USB debugging policy?
  • Which is the minimum Android OS version to support “Disable unknown sources” security policy?
  • Which is the minimum Android OS to support a 6-digit work application password?
  • Android Enterprise - EMMs are required to support standard features plus advanced features across two management sets.
  • One of the advantages of using - is that the user identity is managed by the EMM.
  • When a policy is not supported by your EMM provider, who should you reach out to?
  • True or False? The Android Enterprise feature list details minimum OS requirements of each feature and the solution set it applies to.
  • True or False? Understanding minimum OS requirements is critical for maintaining feature compatibility across devices.
  • True or False? Managed Google Play Accounts is the preferred identity type when creating an enterprise.
  • Indigo Industries can only have one version of the Android OS deployed within their organization.
  • Android Enterprise Recommended devices meet elevated enterprise requirements validated by Google.
  • When determining the minimum OS a customer needs, which of the following is true?
  • Company-owned and personally-owned devices can have different minimum OS version requirements.
  • Using the Android Enterprise Feature List resources, map which of the Indigo policy requirements correspond with the feature descriptions and select the ones that match.
  • Do not forget to take into consideration that support for out of the box enrollment is a requirement for company-owned devices!
  • What’s the minimum supported OS for personally-owned devices?
  • What’s the minimum supported OS for company-owned devices?
  • Where would you direct a customer to view the device requirements for Android Enterprise Recommended?
  • Where’s the best place to start when choosing new Android devices to deploy within an organization?
  • What resource should you leverage to browse the catalogue of Android Enterprise Recommended devices?
  • How do GMS certified devices differ from those that are Android Enterprise Recommended?
  • When managing device variety, it’s best to start with the - OS.
  • Begin with - and provisioning when determining the minimum OS to support.
  • True or False: Any apps or data outside the work profile are not accessible by an IT admin and remain private to the user.
  • Name the important processes that IT admins need to be aware of when curating applications.
  • True or False: The managed Google Play Store allows IT admins to approve private and public applications, and distribute them to their users.
  • IT Admins can approve public apps that exist on the Google Play store for company use, and distribute it through the managed Google Play.
  • Choose the secure browser apps that meet the requirements.
  • Determine which VPN app offers a managed configuration.
  • Determine which camera app(s) meet the requirements.
  • Is the iframe the best private app distribution solution for Indigo?
  • Drag and drop the steps of publishing a private application via the Google Play Console in the correct order.
  • What are the benefits of uploading an application to Google Play?
  • Which resource offers the ability to test how an app will behave in a managed context?
  • Which resource enables the testing of enterprise features without Enterprise Mobility Management software?
  • In addition to EMM consoles, where else can you search and approve applications?
  • Which identifier lets you enable a private application within a given organization?
  • What are the different methods for hosting private applications?
  • How many organizations can you publish a private app to via the Play Console?
  • What is the primary function of the Verify Apps feature?
  • System apps are installed on devices by enforcing what policy?
  • Which features are included in Google Play Protect?
  • True or False: Certificates are a mechanism by which two entities can authenticate in a secure way.
  • Firewalls act as one of the first lines of defense against malicious attacks from malware and hackers.
  • What is our SSID?
  • Is there an SSL inspection?
  • How do we secure our network and what do we need to authenticate?
  • Is there a proxy server being used?
  • What VPN solution do we currently use?
  • How is our VPN secured?
  • Is it possible to configure a VPN so that traffic from only one app is allowed through?
  • For the finance teams what traffic should go through VPN?
  • Does our VPN support split tunneling to access our internal server?
  • You cannot create new certificates for use on Android - only manage existing ones.
  • Which of the following certificates can be configured on Android?
  • Does every app require some kind of certificate authentication?
  • Which VPN configuration best fits Indigo’s needs for their finance division?
  • Which VPN configuration best fits Indigo’s needs for their healthcare division?
  • Which is the best VPN configuration to ensure all work data is secured?
  • Which VPN connection type is used in instances where only a few applications or websites require a high security connection?
  • What can Indigo Industries do within their firewall settings to ensure all traffic is behind a secure connection and encrypted?
  • A safe way to test if a policy is working is to…?
  • What would be the safest way to verify new devices are getting provisioned correctly?
  • What should you do if you encounter deployment issues?
  • Does the transportation deployment need a Standard Management Set or Advanced Management Set?
  • Based on the case study details, select which identity type you would recommend for Indigo Industries’ Transportation department.
  • Tony at Indigo wants a simple way for users to provision devices right out of the box without needing a dedicated IT team to assist in the deployment. Which are the two best solutions for this?
  • When planning the deployment, which of the following topics have the highest impact on the rest of the deployment?
  • In order to support Indigo’s policies, the minimum OS version 6.0 is required. However, the devices needed for the transportation deployment are required to be rugged as designated by Android Enterprise Recommended. What is the minimum OS to support rugged devices?
  • What are some of the questions you will need to know about existing networking infrastructure and security to deploy devices through managed Google Play?
  • Indigo can ensure secure connectivity and data transmission using network settings and configurations through virtual private networks. Which VPN configuration best fits Indigo’s needs to preserve network bandwidth for their transportation division?