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This file contains answers to all Twitter FlightSchool certification exams, including answer to:

  • Ads Manager Fundamentals Badge Assessment
  • Cross-Border Advertising Badge Assessment
  • Twitter for Creatives Badge Assessment
  • Get Started On Twitter Badge Assessment
  • Launch and Connect Badge Final Assessment
  • Performance Ads Specialist (both Website Traffic Badge Assessment amd App Installs Badge Assessment)
  • Performance Fundamentals Badge Assessment
  • Video Ads Specialist Badge Assessment
  • #TwitterFlightSchool Video Badge

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Twitter In-Stream Video Ads: (Select two.)

  • Are billed only when someone follows your account
  • Require Tweet copy
  • Feature professionally produced videos (no user-generated content)
  • Offer pre-roll video across 200+ of the top premium publishers within one campaign

Advertisers should consider First View when they want to: (Select all that apply.)

  • Drive a higher brand and message recall
  • Be the first thing people see when they open Twitter, when memory response is highest
  • Maximize watch time with a format typically watched longer than other Twitter timeline formats
  • Drive website traffic and lower-funnel objectives

You may need Twitter’s #Optimization team when _____. (Select three.)

  • You need a custom animation for an upcoming video campaign
  • You want to optimize assets you already have
  • Your content is underperforming
  • You’re concerned about the cost of producing mobile-first video content

What are the three bid units available when creating a Promoted Video Views campaign?

  • 6s video view is the only bid unit for Promoted Video View campaigns
  • 3s/100% video view, 10s/100% video view, 30s/50% video view
  • 3s/100% video view is the only bid unit for Promoted Video View campaigns
  • 2s/50% video view, 3s/100% video view, 6s video view

Creative matters because _____.

  • Ads with better creative are often Retweeted by celebrities
  • People don’t read the copy on Twitter
  • You aren’t directly in control of it
  • 47% of sales are attributed directly to creative

What is one of the reasons brands are choosing to go live on Twitter?

  • To increase their app installs
  • To remarket to their existing customer base
  • To drive increased conversation with their audience
  • To optimize the existing assets

What are the three purchasing options for an In-Stream Video Ad?

  • Through the Auction — Biddable
  • Nielsen Demo Guaranteed (US only)
  • Twitter “Best Price” matching algorithm
  • Fixed Pricing

Match the following terms to the descriptions.

  • Conversational Video Ad (1)
  • Twitter Poll (2)
  • Video Website Card (3)
  • Promoted Video (4)
  • It encourages people to engage with and spread campaign messages. (1)
  • It enables you to advertise in people’s timelines and promote your brand story to your target audience. (4)
  • It moves customers through the funnel toward an end goal, such as a purchase. (3)
  • It collects feedback and gives people the chance to weigh in on questions. (2)

True or False: Promoted Trend Description can be changed by advertisers throughout the day.

  • True
  • False

What is a Conversational Video Ad?

  • An In-Stream Video Ad that gathers feedback using an opinion card
  • A type of Promoted Video that links directly to a website
  • A type of Promoted Video that includes call-to-action buttons and hashtags prompting people to Tweet and share a message
  • A Conversational Video Ad sends text messages to a mobile phone

In-Stream Video Ads are:

  • The best way to take over the Explore tab on Twitter for a day
  • Curated, relevant, engaging, and brand-safe
  • Always longer than 30 seconds and unskippable
  • Only shown to people over the age of 18

When will people on Twitter typically see a First View campaign in their timeline?

  • Every time they log in to Twitter across desktop and mobile devices from 12am to 11:59pm the next day of the campaign
  • One specific time at the day of the campaign, as chosen by the advertiser
  • The first time they log in to Twitter across desktop and mobile devices from 12am to 11:59pm the day of the campaign
  • Specific times throughout the day of the campaign, as chosen by the advertiser

Which of the following statements about Promoted Trend Spotlight is correct?

  • Promoted Trend Spotlight will feature your ad at the top of the Explore tab for 48 hours.
  • Promoted Trend Spotlight is another name for Twitter emoji.
  • The Promoted Trend Spotlight supports 6-second looping GIFs, MP4s, or image assets to go with your Promoted Trend.
  • Promoted Trend Spotlight is best for long-form (5 minutes or longer) video content.

What are the locations where you might see a Promoted Video served?

  • Only within the timeline
  • The Trends section, the login screen, and the profile settings page
  • Within the timeline, on someone’s profile, and at the top of relevant search results pages
  • On the sidebar of, in your Direct Message inbox, and in the Moments section

Twitter Polls are best used when brands want to ______. (Select two.)

  • Build loyalty by listening to their audience’s opinion
  • Drive conversions on their website
  • Align with influencers who have controversial opinions
  • Involve their followers in brand or content decisions

Each Promoted Trend is made up of which three components? (Select three.)

  • Trend Description
  • Animated Trend GIF
  • Companion Tweets
  • Trend #Hashtag

In-Stream Video Ads help advertisers to: (Select two.)

  • Showcase longer video > 30 seconds, or share feature-length content with brand followers
  • Align brand messages with a single publisher
  • Build brand relevance by running targeted pre-roll video ads before video content they’re already watching.
  • Generate brand lift with video content

Which of the following are best practices when creating an In-Stream Video Ad? (Select all that apply.)

  • Keep your content short and simple.
  • Use In-Stream Ads to set up other content.
  • Brand your video within the first few seconds.
  • Don’t use music because it is distracting.
  • False
  • True

What is a Video Website Card?

  • A type of Promoted Video where Promoted Tweets use video to capture user attention and drive qualified users to your landing page
  • An In-Stream Video Ad that gathers feedback using an opinion card
  • A type of Promoted Video that includes clickable hashtags that prompt users to Tweet and share a message to their followers
  • A type of Video Website Poll that gathers feedback from people in the form of an opinion card, providing valuable insight into your followers’ opinions

The Promoted Trend Spotlight adds a high-impact, full-bleed media Spotlight placement at the top of the ______.

  • In “Mentions” under notifications
  • Settings tab
  • Direct Message inbox
  • Explore tab

Which of these statements best describe First View? (Select all that apply.)

  • It provides a single-day (24-hour) “mass awareness” package of Twitter’s most valuable video impressions.
  • It is best suited for lower-funnel campaign objectives.
  • It can only be purchased by one advertiser per day, per geography.
  • It includes a Twitter Brand Survey.

Which statement about First View and Promoted Trend is true?

  • First View and Promoted Trend may not be purchased together.
  • Combining First View and Promoted Trend will reach people either in the Home timeline or the Explore tab, but not both.
  • When paired together, First View and Promoted Trend drive higher key ad metrics.
  • It is not recommended to use First View and Promoted Trend together.
  • True
  • False

Which of the following safeguards does Twitter employ to protect brand safety?

  • Twitter will only run In-Stream Video Ads before one of 200+ brand-safe partners.
  • Twitter runs algorithmic and manual checks to ensure ads are not aligned with content that falls outside of brand safety guidelines.
  • Twitter uses Twitter Polls to collect user feedback on video inventory.
  • Twitter only runs ads on user generated content offering limited brand safety.

What can help your audience make a connection within the first few seconds of watching your video?

  • Not including your logo immediately
  • Using nothing but text in the first few seconds
  • Adding music that reminds them of their childhood
  • Showing people or talent at the start of the video

Match the following sponsorship types to the definitions.

  • Pre-roll ads on highlight clips (1)
  • Sponsored Moments (2)
  • Pre-roll ads before live video (3)
  • Brand integrations (4)
  • Video ads that run in front of near-live feeds. (1)
  • Video ads that run before live feeds. (3)
  • A storytelling format that collects Tweets, videos, images, and more around a single theme with interstitial ads within the experience and branding on the cover image. (2)
  • Content created by a publisher in partnership with an advertiser, which seamlessly integrates the advertiser via logo overlays, brand mentions, sponsored segments, etc. (4)

Match the following combined takeover products to their potential impacts.

  • Takeover Ads + Twitter Emoji (1)
  • Promoted Trend + Spotlight (2)
  • First View + Promoted Trend (3)
  • Add impact and make your Promoted Trend and Companion Tweets stand out with a customized graphical representation. (1)
  • Potentially double ad breakthrough during an upcoming event or launch. (2)
  • Maximize advertisers’ ability to reach people in the Home timeline and Explore tab. (3)

For video Tweet content, match the questions to the ad component:

  • What do you want consumers to think? (1)
  • How do you want them to feel? (2)
  • What do you want them to do? (3)
  • Active Statement (1)
  • Video (2)
  • Link or Hashtag (3)

First View campaigns can only be purchased through _____.

  • Ads Manager
  • Your Twitter Client Partner
  • MACT
  • Bid

Which two Twitter video ad formats allow your message to be one of the first things a person sees when they log on? (Select all that apply.)

  • Promoted Video Carousel
  • Video Website Cards
  • First View
  • Promoted Trend

Match the sponsorship purchase methods to the descriptions.

  • Demo Guarantee (1)
  • Biddable (2)
  • Fixed Rate (3)
  • Advertisers are able to bid against other advertisers for ad spots based on a wider range of actions such as impression, video view, or an engagement, where the highest bidder wins the spot. (2)
  • Allows advertisers to verify that their ads are reaching a specific demographic via Nielsen. You are only charged for impressions that serve that specific demographic as verified by Nielsen third-party reporting. (1)
  • Advertisers pay a predetermined fixed rate for an ad spot. This is a fixed CPM method of purchase. (3)

True or False: People on Twitter are watching more than 2 billion videos daily.

  • True
  • False

Twitter’s #BlueBrush team can help when _____. (Select three.)

  • You need a graphic designer to create original assets for your brand
  • You are looking for staff augmentation
  • You need a custom animation for an upcoming video campaign
  • You need help with photography for an upcoming product launch

Which Live Brand Studio product requires approval from the Twitter Brand Team?

  • Event Page
  • Broadcast
  • Neither Broadcast nor Event Page
  • Both Broadcast and Event Page

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Where can you measure your return on ad spend for Performance Advertising?

  • Conversion Tracking
  • App Manager
  • Ad Editor
  • Tag Library

Which of these are refined audience targeting? (select all that apply)

  • Key Words
  • Interest
  • Events
  • Household Income

hich budgets can be set? (Select all that apply)

  • Daily
  • Campaign
  • Ad Group
  • Out Of Home Engagements

Say your business wanted to drive conversation about an upcoming event, which campaign objective would you choose?

  • Reach
  • Engagements
  • Followers
  • Website Traffic

You need a ________________ to access Ads Manager.

  • Twitter account
  • business
  • campaign
  • audience

47% of sales performance can be attributed to ______________

  • Refined audience targetting choices
  • Creative alone
  • Adding subtitles to all media
  • Combining the right target and good creative.

What are the main components of the marketing funnel? (select all that apply)

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion
  • Creation

Where can you upload media? (select two)

  • Media Library
  • Tweet Composer
  • Analytics Tab
  • Events Manager

Which of these is NOT a benefit of using the Tweet Composer?

  • Simple Media Upload
  • Preview
  • Complex to use
  • Media Upload how-to

When setting up your campaign, how is it best to decide your targets?

  • Select everything to cover the most people.
  • Choose 1 or 2 options that support your goal.

Home Dashboard provides you with a _____ day summary of your progress

  • 365
  • 28
  • 7
  • 14

You can refine your data views by using _________

  • Reach
  • Filters
  • Metrics
  • Creatives

What are the three stages of Reporting Overview?

  • Filters
  • Metrics
  • Exporting
  • Cross-Border

The default filters in the Ads Manager are….? (Select three)

  • Funding Source
  • Objective
  • Status
  • International Views

The Tweet Activity Dashboard (TAD) can show you details of how many times people have….? (Select all that apply)

  • Seen
  • Retweeted
  • Liked
  • Called
  • Replied

Go big on branding and be laser focused are 2 examples of ______________

  • Video best practices
  • Tweet best practices
  • Campaign best practices
  • Analytics best practices

On the Dashboard, which tab do you use to create your ads content?

  • Campaigns
  • Creatives
  • Analytics
  • Tools

Which area can help you reach the right people for your campaign?

  • App Manager
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Audiences
  • Tag Library

What does the Audience estimator do?

  • Suggests target demographics
  • Calculates audience based on your selections
  • Sets up refined audience targetting
  • Recommends themes for future campaigns

You want to expand your skincare brand to the markets in Germany and Austria. Currently, you only have the English version of your Twitter ad creatives. Select the right approaches to translate your English Creatives to German.

  • Do some research on the cultures and customs in Germany and Austria.
  • Test your ads among American audience with German decents.
  • Translate your Twitter creatives using Google Translate.
  • Ensure your creatives are appropriately and effectively translated.

In the @FootballManager example, how did @SIgames drive awareness across Europe to promote #FM21ReleaseDay?

  • They used Twitter Promoted Video.
  • They used animated GIFs that were Retweeted by fans.
  • They used a team of gaming influencers to live stream the launch of their new initiative on Twitter.
  • They used Trend Takeover+ and artificial intelligence to gain attention and engage with their audience.

You are the CEO of a tech startup. You are uncertain about your target audience. You want to run a reach campaign on Twitter to promote your new time management app. You SHOULD do ALL of these things EXCEPT.

  • Use 3+ ad formats when possible to drive greater results
  • Mass-promote your message to the largest possible audience
  • Keep your copy short and to the point
  • Don’t make changes in the first 3–5 days: give performance time to stabilize

What are the benefits of having different ad groups in your ad campaign?

  • Distribute budget equally among different audience groups
  • Identify which Tweets work best
  • Measure performance in meaningful segments
  • Test different audiences

You’re launching a new restaurant franchise in a new market and you want to increase overall awareness of your brand. Which objective would be best suited for your campaign?

  • Video Views
  • Reach
  • Website Traffic
  • Followers

What are the three simple rules of creative best practices?

  • Show your brand
  • Keep it short & simple
  • Create visual cues
  • Include people & products

You are an International sportswear brand. You want to launch your campaign in several different English-speaking countries (America, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand) to promote your new line of sneakers. Please select all the correct strategies for your campaign.

  • Create a campaign with one ad group for all of the English-speaking countries to save your budget.
  • Use the same campaign creatives for all the aforementeioned English-speaking countries.
  • Do extensive research on the cultures and customs of the different English-speaking countries and adapt your campaign creatives accordingly.
  • Create a campaign with different ad groups that apply different creatives, bid strategies, and audience criteria for different English-speaking countries.

What makes influential people on Twitter different from those on other platforms?

  • Influencers on Twitter tend to sell more products.
  • Influencers on Twitter tend to say “look at this” vs. “look at me”.
  • Influencers on Twitter tend to be more likeable.
  • Influencers on Twitter have more followers than on other platforms.

Which campaign objective can help your brand connect with 200+ premium publishers that align with your audience’s interests?

  • Video Views
  • Followers
  • App Installs
  • Pre-roll Views

Which of the following statements is correct?

  • Ad groups let you run different creatives within one campaign objective.
  • A campaign must have more than one ad groups.
  • One ad group can have different types of audiences.
  • A campaign can only have one bidding type.

Why do you need creative asset optimizations when advertising on Twitter?

  • Creative is the single most significant factor when it comes to driving sales.
  • Your Tweet copy is an essential storytelling tool for your brand.
  • Twitter algorithm prioritizes optimized creatives
  • Great creative gets noticed on Twitter

You want to promote your citrus flavored sports drink to a wider International audience on Twitter. Choose the creative best practices you can apply in your video ads.

  • Create human connections
  • End your video with a product reveal.
  • Include movement in the first few moments of your video
  • Ensure clear logo placement

Which one is NOT a reason for creative localization?

  • Localizing makes your campaign feel less like a sales pitch and more like a conversation.
  • People in different countries prefer different advertising strategies.
  • People respond to ads that resonate with them on a personal level.
  • An effective ad in a foreign market should speak their language and reflect a genuine understanding of their culture.

You’re an experienced advertiser who knows how much you’re looking to pay per billable engagement at scale. Which bid type should you choose?

  • Target bid
  • Target cost
  • Maximum bid
  • Auto bid

What are the three levels of your campaign structure?

  • Ad groups
  • Campaigns
  • Audience groups
  • Ads (Tweets)

You are a first-time Twitter advertiser with a highly restricted budget. Which bid type should you choose?

  • Target bid
  • Target cost
  • Auto bid
  • Maxinum bid

You’re launching a product in a new market. The goal of your campaign is to drive consideration in hopes that people on Twitter will purchase your product. What type of campaign would be best suited to help you achieve your goal?

  • An Engagement campaign that attempts to create conversation
  • A Website Traffic campaign asking people to visit your new website
  • A Video Views campaign showcasing your latest looks
  • An app installs campaign to download your app
  • Movie: Seven Samurai
  • Location: Japan
  • Age: 14-20
  • Keywords: Shōnen, anime, manga

You’re a food delivery service app, and you want to let your users know about a new “30 minutes or less” premium feature you’re launching in your app. Which campaign objective should you choose?

  • Video Views
  • Website Traffic
  • App Re-engagement
  • App Installs

You are an American fashion brand that aims to expand to the French market. You created a French video ad to promote your new business casual design to young professional women between 20 to 40 years old. What are your targeting criteria?

  • Location: France AND Gender: women OR Age: 20-40
  • Location: France OR Gender: women AND Age: 20-40
  • Location: France OR Gender: women OR Age: 20-40
  • Location: France AND Gender: women AND Age: 20-40

You’re about to launch your product in a new market and you want people to sign up for email updates by filling out a form on your site. Which Twitter campaign objective would help you accomplish this?

  • App Re-engagement
  • App Installs
  • Pre-roll Views
  • Website Traffic

What are the three steps for success in cross-border advertising?

  • Scout your competition
  • Select your target market
  • Choose your connect opportunity
  • Develop new creative assets

You’re a French clothing brand, you want to connect with your audience in America and invite them to a join conversation on this season’s color palettes. Which Twitter campaign objective would help you accomplish this?

  • Video Views
  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Website Traffic

What are the benefits of frequency caps?

  • As we move down the funnel, a slightly higher frequency is needed to drive lift: more exposures per week are needed to achieve 80% of the overall potential impact.
  • Campaigns under 4 weeks see higher lifts in recall (+5%), brand awareness (+18%), and campaign awareness (+14%) than those beteen 4 and 8 weeks.
  • Campaigns with frequency caps have 16% lower cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and 5x lower cost per thousand unique users than campaigns without.
  • Weekly exposure drives upper-funnel brand metrics. Up to 80% of ad recall and brand awareness occurs within the first 2 exposures per week of a campaign.

Your brand invented a new vegan burger. Your marketing team created a video ad targeting the audience in France. You want to direct your audience to your website to make the purchase. Please select all the correct strategies for your campaign.

  • Set Campaign objective as “Website clicks”
  • Set targeting criteria: Location: France OR Keywords: Vegan, Vegetarian
  • Set Campaign objective as “Engagement”
  • Set targeting criteria: Location: France AND Keywords: Vegan, Vegetarian

Which one is NOT one of the features of Ad composer

  • Show real-time previews
  • Create multiple versions of your Tweet
  • Determine audience location
  • It allows you to add Website or App functionality

In Activision’s case study, the backbone of their successful Warzone campaign was:

  • its ability to deliver a personalized report to every player in a matter of seconds
  • its video content had an unusually high production value
  • it was the first brand to gamify Twitter

What percentage of users rate Twitter “good” or “great” for brand interaction?

  • 49%
  • nearly 100%
  • 71%
  • 37%

In our case study, no name’s brand voice stands out because of its:

  • eloquent, elevated style
  • witty, deadpan style
  • optimistic, cheerful style

What is media innovation?

  • being the first to integrate the latest technological developments into your campaign
  • finding new and interesting ways of doing things, and finding a solution that matches a need
  • developing groundbreaking technological tools

Your campaign goal is customizing video at scale. Which of the following choices is the most likely API solution?

  • digital carting for CPG
  • branding: custom mobile landing pages
  • video personalization
  • lead capture: custom mobile landing pages

In our case study, PedidosYa worked with an API Partner to develop a highly targeted campaign using:

  • Twitter Audience Platform
  • Video Ads
  • Animated GIFs
  • Carousel Cards

API Marketing Partners assist with the following goals: (select all that apply)

  • creative ad experiences
  • campaign management
  • advertising analytics
  • drafting inspirational content
  • brand voice conception
  • audience targeting

The best time to bring the in-house audience insight team into a campaign is:

  • simultaneously with the campaign launch
  • after the brand initiative kicks off
  • at the conclusion of the campaign
  • before the brand initiative kicks off

Thinking back to our case studies, what percentage of people on Twitter believe brands should affect positive change in society?

  • 61%
  • 99%

  • <1%
  • 41%
  • 81%

The number one reason people come to Twitter is:

  • to see what’s happening
  • culture
  • news
  • gossip & entertainment
  • making money

What are the essential elements of effective brand voices? (select three)

  • wit
  • conversational
  • real-time
  • authenticity
  • emojis

The attitudes, tone, and substance of your brand’s content should be:

  • sassy but relatable
  • reflective of everything your brand stands for
  • in line with the latest trends

When your brand connects with what’s happening on Twitter, you can see lifts in: (select all that apply)

  • purchase intent
  • brand preference
  • brand awareness
  • message association

In our case study, no name’s Twitter handle isn’t a typical marketing channel primarily because it is a destination for:

  • entertainment and conversation
  • reliable information and breaking news
  • the best deals and promotions of their products

Among the case studies we reviewed, what brand challenged Twitter users to an interactive “scroll race?”:

  • Burger King
  • Mountain Dew
  • Adidas UK
  • Glade

Which element of a creative campaign should be developed first?

  • the data
  • the technology
  • the insights-based creative idea

For more customized research or analysis that gives you a deeper understanding of how Twitter users really think and feel, consider working with:

  • an independent consultant
  • Twitter’s in-house audience insight team
  • other Twitter users

When it comes to conversation on Twitter, successful brands:

  • keep it professional by avoiding engagement
  • interact exclusively with other brands
  • always use the full character limit to express themselves more clearly
  • join existing conversations and inspire new ones

When defining your brand voice, first consider the brand’s:

  • Vision, Mission, Values
  • goals, plan, and results
  • origin, journey, and destination

Twitter Advanced Search allows you to:

  • find an API Partner to meet your campaign’s technological needs
  • protect your brand by participating in conversations anonymously
  • search, segment, and filter Twitter’s Tweets and profiles

A distinct brand voice allows your brand to: (select all that apply)

  • offer discounts
  • connect with culture
  • speak with personality
  • generate and join conversations

Which of the following are components of the OUI Framework? (select all that apply)

  • Initiate
  • Understand
  • Ideate
  • Utilize
  • Observe
  • Obtain

Leading brands are more likely to evoke an emotional response in their audiences by a factor of:

  • 8X
  • 2X
  • 5X

What are the two key use cases for when brands should always activate on Twitter? (select two)

  • selecting the right hashtags
  • connecting with what’s happening
  • launching something new
  • ensuring your replies contain GIFs

What are three key strengths that characterize Twitter’s audience?

  • targeted, character, community
  • growth, impact, community
  • growth, insights, conversation
  • growth, influence, community

Launches typically fall into the following categories: (select all that apply)

  • new branding
  • new company leadership
  • new products or features
  • new messaging

A Kantar study revealed the correlation between a brand’s cultural relevance and its purchase intent to be:

  • 58%
  • 65%
  • 44%
  • 73%
  • Trends
  • Other People
  • Topics
  • Tweets
  • Tweet
  • Retweet
  • Quote Tweet
  • Trend

What are some of the most basic ways to interact with content on Twitter? (select three)

  • Retweeting or Quote Tweeting
  • Replying to Tweets
  • Unfollowing people
  • Liking Tweets
  • The Explore Tab
  • The “What’s Happening” Section
  • Your Direct Message Inbox
  • The Trending Section

What are three things you can do to esnure your account stays secure? (select three)

  • Monitor your third-party connections
  • Use two-factor athentication
  • Keep your browser & operating system updated
  • Use a simple, easy-to-remember password

If your account is compromised, one of the first things you should do is…

  • Change your password
  • Close your Twitter account
  • Send a DM to Twitter Support
  • Tweet about it

True or False. You can grant different levels of permissions to multiple users, who will be able to access your Twitter Ads account while logged into their own personal handle.

  • False
  • True

The Twitter Rules are centered around three primary areas:

  • safety, precautions, and policy
  • authenticity, policy, and precaution
  • safety, privacy, and authenticity
  • policy, safety, and public integrity

We believe the majority—if not all—of your content should be capped at _____.

  • 60 seconds
  • 15 seconds
  • 10 seconds
  • 30 seconds
  • Top-right corner
  • Top-left corner
  • Bottom-right corner
  • Bottom-left corner

________ are a great way to tell longer-form, curated stories on Twitter.

  • Bookmarks
  • Tweet Storms
  • Stories
  • Moments

Creating _________ are key in guiding you on how to plan and create relevant content.

  • Live Q&As
  • Content Pillars
  • Brand Voice Guidelines
  • Photo Tweets

Tapping this icon allows you to change the content of your Home Timeline. You can choose to show the latest Tweets from the people and topics you follow or Top Tweets curated by us.

  • The Timeline Control Button
  • The Content Preferences Button
  • The Topics Menu
  • The Tweet Display Settings Button

When writing your Tweets, you should consider… (choose three)

  • Keep your copy focused on serving a single purpose
  • Incorporating Hashtags
  • Using up all 280 characters
  • Keeping it short & sweet

What tool gives you the power to decide who can reply to your Tweets.

  • Hidden Tweets
  • Twitter Reply Controller
  • Conversation Settings
  • Tweet Audience Enforcement

What does TAD stand for?

  • Tweet Activity Dashboard
  • Twitter Analytics Display
  • Tweet Analytics Dashboard
  • Twitter Activity Data

True or False. You can promote or encourage suicide or self-harm on Twitter as long as you disable replies.

  • False
  • True

What are the main ways to track your success on Twitter? (select three)

  • Twitter Media Studio
  • Twitter Data Dashboard
  • Twitter Ads Manager
  • Twitter Analytics

True or False. You may not threaten violence against an individual or a group of people. We also prohibit the glorification of violence.

  • False
  • True

How many characters can be used in your Twitter Bio?

  • 120
  • 140
  • 160
  • 280

When using Conversation Settings, what are the options you have for controlling who can reply to your Tweets? (select three)

  • No one
  • People you follow
  • Only people you mention
  • Everyone

True or False. On Twitter, the word ‘Tweet’ can be used as a verb or a noun.

  • True
  • False

When you see a questionable Tweet in your timeline, how can you take action? (select four)

  • Block the account
  • Send the account owner a DM and ask them to delete the Tweet
  • Mute the account
  • Unfollow the account
  • Report the account

True or False. People are allowed to create parody, newsfeed, commentary, and fan accounts on Twitter provided that the accounts follow certain requirements.

  • False
  • True

What three things are essential to building a solid Twitter content strategy? (select three)

  • Defining Your Objectives
  • Defining Your Audience
  • Developing a massive following
  • Creating a Content Calendar

When logged in to or via our mobile app, you can access on-the-spot analytics by finding and tapping on the ________

  • Twitter Data Button
  • Tweet Activity Button
  • Tweet Analytics Link
  • Twitter Activity Toggle

_________ should be an ever-changing billboard showcasing what’s new with your brand or organization.

  • Your profile photo
  • Your Twitter bio
  • Your Pinned Tweet
  • Your header photo

What are some good things to highlight in your pinned Tweet? (select three)

  • Your favorite cause or charity
  • Your latest launch campaign
  • A funny meme about your boss
  • An ongoing sale, promotion, or campaign

True or False. In addition to signing up with your email address, you can also use your phone number when creating your Twitter account.

  • True
  • False
  • Click the Top Tab in search results
  • Click the Latest Tab in search results
  • Click the People Tab in search results
  • Click the Photos or Videos Tab in search results

How many characters can be used in a Tweet?

  • 160
  • 120
  • 280
  • 140

What are three ways you can improve your Twitter bio? (select three)

  • Keep it as short as possible
  • State your organization’s mission
  • Try to be humorous
  • Share your brand history

_________ are Tweets paid for by our advertisers.

  • Media Tweets
  • Paid Tweets
  • Promoted Tweets
  • Organic Tweets

What feature allows you to tailor search results to specific date ranges, people, and more?

  • The Explore Tab
  • The Search Bar
  • The Search Results Page
  • The Advanced Search Tool
  • 40x40 px
  • 100x100 px
  • 400x400px
  • 200x200 px

How many characters can be used in your display name?

  • 30
  • 40
  • 25
  • 50

True or False. If we take account against your account, you can appeal the decision through our Twitter Help Center.

  • False
  • True
  • The Trendy Tab
  • The Content Tab
  • The Explore Tab
  • The Tweets Tab

Where should you go for the most up-to-date statistics on the actions we’re taking on Twitter?

  • Request a safety report from your Twitter Client Partner
  • Follow @Twitter for more info
  • Check our latest press releases
  • Visit htps://

You may not use Twitter’s services for the purpose of manipulating or interfering in elections or other civic processes. This includes posting or sharing content that may suppress participation or mislead people about when, where, or how to participate in a civic process.

  • False
  • True

Match the following terms to their definitions.

  • Quote Tweet(1)
  • Tweet Thread (2)
  • Verified Badge (3)
  • Mention (4)
  • Allows you to add your own commentary along with a photo, GIF, or video to someone else’s Tweet and share it with your followers. (1)
  • Including other accounts in your Tweet by using the @ sign followed directly by their username (4)
  • Lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic. (3)
  • A series of connected Tweets from one person. You can provide additional context, an update or additional commentary on a topic by connecting multiple Tweets together. (2)
  • Tweet Activity Dashboard
  • Video Activity Dashboard
  • Analytics Account Home
  • Twitter Media Studio

What are the types of enforcement that may be used if someone violates the Twitter rules? (select three)

  • DM-level enforcement
  • Tweet-level enforcement
  • Ad-level enforcement
  • Account-level enforcement

What type of content allows you to record an audio message and share it with your followers?

  • Twitter Spaces
  • Music Tweets
  • Podcast Tweets
  • Voice Tweets

________ are a great way to drive engagement and learn more about what your followers like.

  • Polls
  • @ Replies
  • Retweets
  • Direct Messages

_________ displays a stream of Tweets from accounts and Topics you’ve chosen to follow on Twitter.

  • Your Settings Page
  • Your Twitter Login Screen
  • Your Notifications Bar
  • Your Home Timeline

A _______ is a message sent directly from one Twitter account to another.

  • @ Reply
  • Tweet
  • DM
  • Retweet

How can you ensure your parody account is in compliance with Twitter’s policies? (select two)

  • You should use the same profile photo as the celebrity or entity you are parodying.
  • Every Tweet should use the hashtag #Parody
  • The bio should clearly indicate that the account is not affiliated with the subject of the account.
  • The display name should clearly indicate that the account is not affiliated with the subject of the account.

What tool allows you to create real-time audio conversations with other people on Twitter?

  • Twitter Spaces
  • Twitter Q&As
  • Podcast Tweets
  • Voice Tweets

What are the three types of content we recommend you create when trying to connect with cultural moments on Twitter? (select three)

  • Video Content
  • Anticipated Content
  • Reactive Content
  • Planned Content

People on Twitter are often the first to try, buy, and…

  • Share new experiences with others
  • Download a new game
  • Forget about your ad
  • Send a DM asking for more information

Which of the following actions could lead your connect campaigns to 2X more engagement, 35% higher view-through, and 3X more cost efficiency.

  • Expand your campaign window
  • Use customized creatives
  • Use multiple campaigns
  • Expand your target audience

What percentage of sales can be directly attributed to creative?

  • 47%
  • 20%
  • 10%
  • 33%

Launch Leaders use a phased approach to their flighting strategy, which includes…

  • Launch Leaders do not use a phased approach.
  • Preview, Release, and Tech Support
  • Hype, Anticipate, and React
  • Tease, Reveal, and Reinforce

The ways to connect on Twitter include (Select three):

  • Topics
  • Events
  • Trends
  • Occasions

What are the #ThreeSimpleRules for getting creative on Twitter? (select three)

  • Use jump cuts and fast-changing visuals
  • Create visual cues with clear logo placement and captions
  • Include people & products in your videos
  • Keep it short & simple

In general, how long should your Video Ads be on Twitter?

  • 60-90 seconds
  • 25-45 seconds
  • 10-15 seconds
  • 30-60 seconds

When you want to be at the front and center of the topic, you can use:

  • Video ads with Conversation Buttons
  • Timeline Takeover
  • Video ads for Website Clicks
  • Poll

What are the five types of launches we identify on Twitter?

  • New products, new brands, new messaging, new promotions, and new features
  • New cars, new logos, new movies, new TV shows, and new sales
  • New projects, new branding, new copyrights, new features, and new hires
  • New companies, new management, new features, new offers, and new messaging

People on Twitter are… (select three)

  • Influential
  • Results-driven
  • Mostly on iOS devices
  • Receptive

Which of the following Twitter ad formats help you “go big on the reveal”? (select three)

  • Trend Takeover
  • Trend Takeover+
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Timeline Takeover

Social video content should be designed for…

  • Use across all social platforms
  • The fastest download speed
  • A sound-off environment
  • Viewing on a large-screen TV

Your goal for the reveal phase of your launch should be to…

  • Increase your reach
  • Achieve all of your KPIs in a single day
  • Drive mass awareness of your launch
  • Start conversations

What percentage of a consumer’s purchase decision is driven by their perception of a brand’s cultural relevance?

  • 5%
  • 7%
  • 25%
  • 10%

What percentage of marketers report missing their launch KPIs?

  • 85%
  • 20%
  • 15%
  • 50%

Launch Leaders invest heavily leading up to their launch, spending on average up to ___ % of their total budget between the Tease + Reveal stages.

  • 25%
  • 40%
  • 5%
  • 10%

______________ maximizes your success by serving content before, during, and after your launch day.

  • An activation plan
  • A data-driven flighting schedule
  • Creative developed by an award-winning team
  • A content strategy

What do we mean when we say “launch” on Twitter?

  • Creating a new campaign to be released on a specific date
  • Announcing the event of a sale with a promoted Tweet
  • Driving sales for a specific type of product
  • Building awareness and interest in something new

How do Twitter’s takeover products help you achieve a successful launch?

  • Takeover products allow you to upload longer videos to Twitter.
  • Takeover products help you achieve mass awareness on Launch day.
  • Takeover products allow you to direct message your audience at scale.
  • Takeover products are Twitter’s most cost-effective ad solutions.

True or False. Brands that invest early in building shareable content for their audiences tend to hit their Launch KPIs more often than those that don’t.

  • True
  • False

Holiday seasons, International Women’s Day, and Valentine’s Day are all examples of what type of connect opportunity?

  • None of these are connect opportunities
  • Events
  • Occasions
  • Trends

What did Bain identify as a significant differentiator for brands that had successful launch campaigns?

  • Their overall budget
  • The industry the brand operates within
  • Their use of Twitter as part of their launch strategy
  • Their use of cutting-edge creative

When you want to align with the topic, you can choose:

  • Timeline Takeover
  • Video Ads
  • Trend Takeover+
  • Trend Takeover

What are the five types of launch categories on Twitter?

  • Videos, images, websites, apps, sales
  • Sales, services, announcements, products, promotions
  • Product, brand, features, message, promotion
  • Paid media, video views, announcements, apps, websites

What do we mean when we say “connect” on Twitter?

  • Communicating with key stakeholders and influencers
  • Building relevance by being a part of the conversation
  • Launching a new product that’s connected to a current trend
  • Executing campaigns around global moments

How many ad formats should you use to increase the probability of having a successful connect campaign?

  • 2-3
  • Only 1
  • As many as you can
  • More than 3

To build cultural relevance for your brand, your messaging should be based on a combination of (select three):

  • Target audience
  • Brand story
  • Topic of connection
  • Customized creative

Why is it essential for your brand to be culturally relevant? (select two)

  • Cultural relevance correlates better with brand metrics.
  • Cultural relevance is every brand’s #1 objective.
  • Cultural relevance is straightforward to obtain.
  • Cultural relevance is a critical driver of the consumer’s purchase decision.

Which of the following statements is correct about flighting strategy?

  • It reinforces your connect campaign by extending the window after the peak.
  • It does not take part in the peak of the conversation.
  • It leads brands to build a phased approach to maximize impact pre / during / post-event.
  • You don’t need to understand the pulse of a conversation before joining it.

True or False: When choosing the best formats for your KPI, Video Ads with Conversation Buttons work best to build campaign awareness, message association, and intent.

  • False
  • True

On launch day you should…

  • Send DMs to your community
  • Create an email newsletter campaign
  • Tweet at least 2-3 times
  • Go big on the reveal to maximize awareness

To drive awareness for your launch campaign, your flighting should be at least ___________ long.

  • 1-2 weeks
  • 3-6 weeks
  • 5-10 weeks
  • 2-3 weeks

If you’re launching a new brand on Twitter, which metrics should you measure to judge your success? (select three)

  • Consideration
  • Awareness
  • Recall
  • Intent

Why are captions so important for your videos on Twitter?

  • Including captions can lead to longer view rates.
  • If your video has captions, Twitter will show your ad to more people.
  • Captions aren’t that important on Twitter.
  • Captions help identify the music you’re using in your videos.

Award shows, music festivals, and sporting events are all examples of which type of connect opportunity?

  • Occasions
  • Events
  • Trends
  • None of these are connect opportunities

What’s the advantage of running a connect campaign on Twitter rather than on other platforms?

  • People on Twitter are more interested in ads.
  • People come to Twitter to connect with what’s happening, which makes them more leaned in and receptive to your ads.
  • Twitter ads are less intrusive.
  • People on Twitter spend more time scrolling, so your ads are more likely to be seen.

What are the key themes of conversation?" is a question that helps define which of the following elements of a unique message’s construction?

  • Target audience
  • Topic of Connection
  • Customized creative
  • Brand story

Which launch phase involves fine-tuning details at the campaign level, including identifying target audiences, creating copy, and determining the campaign’s duration?

  • Creative
  • Flighting
  • Activation
  • None of the launch phases involve these things

Brands that hit their launch KPIs are ____ more likely to launch on Twitter.

  • 2X
  • not
  • 1.1X
  • 2.3X

Which ad format allows you to connect your content with over 200 brand-safe publishers?

  • Trend Takeover
  • Amplify Pre-roll
  • Amplify Sponsorship
  • Timeline Takeover

A successful connect strategy contains (select three):

  • Flighting strategy
  • Engaging strategy
  • Messaging strategy
  • Connect strategy

Working from home, mindfulness, and activism are examples of which type of connect opportunity?

  • Events
  • Occasions
  • Trends
  • None of these are connect opportunities

Why do people come to Twitter?

  • Because they want to buy something.
  • To engage with companies via DMs.
  • To stay up-to-date on the topics they care about and talk to others who share their interests.
  • To create friendships with the brands they follow.

If you’re interested in significantly moving brand metrics, the length of your campaign should be…

  • Shorter
  • Flight time does not impact brand metrics
  • Dependent on your budget
  • Longer

________ is a premium, single-day, “mass awareness” ad package of Twitter’s most valuable video impressions.

  • Trend Takeover
  • Timeline Takeover
  • Amplify Pre-roll Ads
  • Trend Takeover+

What are the three phases of the connect flighting strategy? (select three)

  • Announce
  • Participate
  • Hype
  • React

If you pre-produce assets based on what you know will happen and publish them when the moment unfolds so they “feel” real-time, you are creating:

  • Immersed content
  • Realtime content
  • Planned content
  • Anticipated content

Where should you place your logo throughout your video creative?

  • Top right corner
  • You should not include your logo in video creative
  • Lower third
  • Top left corner

What is the minimum number of ad formats you should use to maximize your success?

  • 2-3
  • 1-2
  • 3-5
  • 5-10

What ad format allows you to showcase multiple products or promotions in a series of swipeable images or videos?

  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Image Ads

What is a Twitter Pixel?

  • A measurement solution that allows a direct, server-to-server connection to share conversion data with Twitter.
  • A snippet of code placed on your website in order to track and measure the actions a user takes
  • The maximum time window chosen between a user interacting with your ad and a conversion event occurring on your website.
  • A piece of code that allows you to track individual actions on your website, such as purchases.

What campaign objective should you choose for site visits optimization?

  • App Installs
  • Video Views
  • Pre-Roll Views
  • Website Traffic

What are the two elements that make up the Twitter Pixel?

  • Event Code and Base Code
  • Web Tag and Event Tag
  • Web Code and Purchase Code

What is one way you can verify your Twitter Pixel?

  • Website Plugin
  • Pixel Helper Extension
  • Google Analytics

Where in your Twitter Ads account would you go to set up your Twitter Pixel?

  • Analytics
  • Creatives
  • Events Manager
  • Campaigns

What does ROAS stand for?

  • Revenue over ad saving
  • Revenue objective and savings
  • Return on attribution schedule
  • Return on ad spend

What determines an ad’s quality score?

  • The length of time that your tweet has been running for
  • Market data measures demand for your product or service
  • A combination of the resonance, relevance, and recency of the ad
  • Previous campaign data

Which metrics section shows the changes made to your campaign, which optimizations were made, and by whom?

  • Audience details
  • Activity history
  • Breakdown by creative
  • Breakdown by device

Which of the following data could you explore within Audience Details?

  • Tweet Engagements
  • Language and locations
  • Ethnicity
  • Website Conversions

In measurement terms, what is the definition of impressions?

  • This is how many times people on Twitter have seen your ads
  • This is the number of impressions for your ads divided by the number of results
  • This is the average amount you are paying for each relevant action a user takes
  • Total campaign spend for the period selected

When thinking about targetting, what would be considered a restrictive targeting option?

  • Keywords
  • Events
  • Interests
  • Platform

What are custom metrics?

  • A customized report showing all results by objective
  • A way to monitor data that is most important to you
  • An algorithm used to tailor and target audiences automatically
  • A set of default metrics based on common campaign objectives

Why is it important to ensure that attribution windows are the same on all platforms?

  • To ensure that all platforms are being measured to the same standard.
  • To count the overall traffic sent to your website
  • To allow the platforms can talk to each other
  • To verify your Twitter Pixel

What is attribution?

  • A system that credits different advertising platforms for driving conversion
  • A method of tracking conversions associated with a particular hashtag.
  • Copyright payments to artists for content used in a campaign.
  • Including another person or company’s account handle within an ad campaign.

What measurement method allows you to see lost attribution caused by the App Tracking Transparency Framework (ATT)?

  • Accumulated Data Measurement
  • Aggregated Measurement
  • Combined Measurement
  • Aggregated Evaluation

Which of the following can’t you do in the custom metrics window?

  • Add a new funding source
  • Change Column Order
  • Add Metrics
  • Delete Metrics

To use the partner-provided Campaign Manager 360 (CM360) to measure results, you need to:

  • Create a bespoke report in ads manager analytics
  • Place the CM360 impression tracking URL on your website
  • Place the CM360 impression tracking URL into the campaign form in Ads Manager
  • Attach the CM360 tool to your Google Analytics account

How do you apply particular metrics in Twitter Ad Manager that aren’t the standard default options?

  • Choose the metrics that are important to you in Metrics > Customize Metrics
  • Plug in a 3rd party metrics tool
  • Create a bespoke report in Analytics
  • Adjust the algorithm to include all metric fields

Twitter Pixel is made up of which two parts?

  • Base Code and Event Code
  • Universal Code and Single Code
  • Single Event Tag and Multi-page Tag
  • Universal Tag and Purchase Tag

Which of these metrics can’t you track in your Ads Manager dashboard?

  • Results (i.e. link clicks)
  • Total Spend
  • Engagement Rate
  • Hashtag Performance

Where will you find the Twitter Pixel in your Twitter Ads Manager?

  • Analytics > Account Home
  • Campaigns > Ads Manager
  • Tools > Event Manager
  • Tools > Audiences

Which of these is a method of measuring the results of website traffic campaigns?

  • Twitter Pixel
  • Events Manager Reports
  • Google Analytics
  • KPI Manager

Which metrics section allows you to add Tweet ID and Tweet media type as custom columns for easy filtering and sorting?

  • Breakdown by creative
  • Breakdown by placement
  • Activity history
  • Breakdown by device

Suppose a user views three adverts on three different platforms before taking action on your website. How many platforms can claim the conversion?

  • 1
  • 3
  • 2

What type of attribution window would credit Twitter with conversions after a person retweets or replies to your ad?

  • Post-view attribution window
  • Post-engagement attribution window

Website Traffic campaigns give you access to all Twitter social and demographic targeting. True or False?

  • False
  • True

Which attribution model grants all platforms a portion of the credit?

  • First Touch
  • Linear Touch
  • Last Touch

What is Site Visits Optimization?

  • A model dedicated to finding and serving ads to audiences most likely to visit your website at a lower cost.
  • A reporting model which aggregates data on site visits.
  • A model which allows you to analyse campaigns side-by-side
  • A post-campaign analysis model which reports on ROI

How do you know if your Twitter Pixel is implemented correctly?

  • The Site Visits Event in Events Manager will show as Active
  • The Site Visits Event in Events Manager will show as No Recent Activity
  • The landing page views in Events Manager will show as Active
  • The Twitter Pixel in Events Manager will display a blue tick next to it

What is the definition of click-through attribution?

  • When a user views your ad and takes action later
  • Every time a user sees your ad
  • When a user clicks on your ad and takes action later
  • When a user visits multiple platforms and then takes action

Which one of these is not a dependency of site visit optimization?

  • A site visit conversion event type
  • Installation of the Twitter Pixel
  • A video-based creative
  • Less than 256 active ad groups

Results for Aggregated Measurement for performance campaigns can vary, but what percentage increase in attributable page view conversions was seen when reporting in this way?

  • 5%
  • 15%
  • 31%
  • 23%

Which of the following is not one of the available parameters you can use for your events?

  • Description
  • Device
  • Value
  • Currency

Why is it important to understand which campaigns drove a user to take action on your website?

  • To understand the success of your campaigns and prove your advertising spend.
  • To work out how much you need to pay
  • To check if you’ve made any mistakes

Site Visits Optimization works behind the scenes to reach qualified audiences to drive traffic to your website. True or False?

  • True
  • False

Which part of the marketing funnel do the objectives of a website traffic campaign sit?

  • Conversion
  • Consideration
  • Awareness

To measure the ROI of your campaigns and understand how much a user has spent on your website, which event type should you use?

  • Purchase
  • Sign-Up
  • Downloads
  • Site-Visits

How is Site Visits Optimization billed?

  • CPL (Cost per lead) model
  • CPC (Cost per click) model
  • CPA (Cost per acquisition) model
  • CPM (Cost per mille) model

How do you work out the cost per site visit with site visits optimization?

  • Site Visits/Total Spend
  • Total Impressions/Site Visits
  • Site Visits/Total Impression
  • Total Spend/Site Visits

What is this called when you win an auction, and your ad is served to a person on Twitter?

  • Auction Win
  • Click through
  • Purchase
  • Impression

How has the App Tracking Transparency Framework (ATT), introduced by Apple in 2020, affected advertisers?

  • It has allowed advertisers to track more data about the user
  • It has meant that a user’s Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) is completely blocked so there is no tracking available
  • It has meant permission for tracking has to be sought, so it has led to a significant decrease in the number of identifiable users.

Which ad group goal means that your ad is shown to people who are most likely to visit your website?

  • Link Clicks
  • Page Views
  • Conversions
  • Create just one tweet and reuse it
  • Include a range of call to actions
  • Include rich, engaging media
  • Do not ask questions in your creative

Where in the Ads Manager dashboard can you select the conversion event types you want to view?

  • Metrics > Customize Metrics
  • Metrics > Website Traffic
  • Metrics > Website Conversions
  • Automatic Bid
  • Maximum Bid
  • Target Bid

Video is a highly impactful ad type. Which of these tips is not one of our tips for video creatives?

  • Include visual cues (logo, captions etc.) to aid brand recall
  • Keep them short and simple
  • Aim for a longer video format of 1-2 minutes
  • Include your product, showcase the brand and show human interaction

What does the tip, the three R’s, stand for when creating strong, eye-catching creatives?

  • Reputation, Reliability, Results
  • Reputation, Relevance, Results
  • Resonance, Relevance, Recency
  • Resonance, Results, Reputation

Which of the following combinations of targetting options would be considered the optimum for impressions?

  • Devices, Language, Gender and location
  • Devices and Language
  • Devices, Language and Gender
  • Devices
  • Automatic Bid
  • Maximum Bid
  • Target Bid

What are custom metrics?

  • An algorithm used to automatically tailor and target audiences.
  • A way to monitor data that is relevant to your campaign objectives.
  • A report showing all results, cost per result, and result rate - by objective.
  • A set of default metrics based on common campaign objectives.

What could happen if your bid is not competitive relative to other advertisers?

  • You can be sure of maximum results for the minimum price.
  • Your campaign may not serve.
  • You may be charged more than your bid.
  • Your campaign status will not be affected.

During the mobile measurement process, which of the following happens last?

  • The data is displayed for you or sent via callback.
  • The install is attributed to the ad source when there is a match to the original click.
  • The app is opened, triggering the MMP SDK.
  • The MMP server registers the app open and looks for a match based on the last click registered.

What is Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM)?

  • A comparison of data generated from by different marketing models for the same campaign.
  • A mixed-method, qualitative evaluation of campaign performance.
  • A campaign strategy that combines different marketing models.
  • A means to calculate the impact of marketing activities on business outcomes using statistics and other influences.

Which of the following is used to collect, organise, and standardise app data to assess campaign performance metrics?

  • Mobile measurement provider (MMP)
  • Marketing mix modelling (MMM)
  • Personal Information Management System (PIMS)
  • Privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs)

What is the “Learning Period”?

  • The first few days of a campaign, when data is analyzed to find the best users for your ads.
  • Analysis activities that take place during the remaining campaign window after initial reporting is finalized.
  • The period of time between campaigns, where lessons learned are fed forward.
  • The end of a campaign when all data is collated and analyzed to evaluate campaign success.

What does the ABC of best practices describe?

  • Attraction, Buy-in, Confidence
  • The stages of the Learning Period
  • Audience, Bids and Budgets, Creative
  • Text formatting standards

Where do you need to go to create an App Re-engagement campaign?

  • Account settings
  • Twitter Ads Manager
  • Business insights dashboard
  • Creator studio

How is an ad’s quality score determined?

  • Market data is used to measure interest and demand associated with your product or service.
  • By taking factors like resonance, relevance, and recency into account.
  • It is based on previous campaign data, to estimate potential success.
  • Tweets that have been running for longer are considered higher quality.

What does MACT stand for?

  • Measurement And Calculation Tool
  • Mobile App Click Tracker
  • Mobile App Conversion Tracking
  • Mean Advertising Cost Total

What should appear on ad app buttons?

  • “Tap” or “click” instruction
  • Call to action verbs
  • the app name
  • Appropriate symbol or icon

How can your campaign reach audiences who have opted out of tracking, via Apple’s App Tracking Transparency?

  • It is not possible to continue engagement with audiences who have opted out of tracking.
  • By paying for premium Twitter features and tools.
  • By specifically targeting audiences who use iOS devices during campaign setup.
  • Work with an approved Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) to leverage SKAdNetwork on Twitter

Which bidding strategy would you choose to auto-optimize to get the best results at the lowest price within your App Install campaign budget?

  • Target bid
  • All options will auto-optimize
  • Automatic bid
  • Maximum bid

When would click-through attribution credit be given?

  • Whenever a user clicks on the ad
  • When conversion targets have been met
  • When a user clicks on the ad and takes action later.
  • When a user sees the ad and takes action afterward.

Which of the following is a potential way to improve the efficiency of your app install campaign?

  • Broaden your target audience to include new demographics
  • Aim for multiple campaigns per device (iOS or Android) per country across Twitter and TAP.
  • Target the same or similar audiences across campaigns to maximize exposure.
  • Exclude Custom Audiences of existing app users.

What are mobile tailored audiences?

  • A feature to target existing users, created automatically when app events in Twitter are linked through a mobile measurement provider.
  • A term for audiences who have opted out of app teaching via Apple’s App Tracking Transparency.
  • A target audience of existing users of the app, manually created according to campaign objectives.
  • A feature to target new mobile users based on device and use of Twitter app.

Which metrics section displays changes made to your campaign or ad group, and which optimizations were made and by whom?

  • Breakdown by device
  • Breakdown by creative
  • Activity history
  • Audience details

What happens when your overall budget is reached?

  • Your campaign will stop serving until the next day.
  • Your campaign will continue and you will be charged at the average CPC rate until you end the campaign.
  • Your overall budget will automatically increase by 10%.
  • Your campaign will stop serving until you increase the budget.

How do you calculate Click-Through Rate (CTR)?

  • Cost per Purchase - Total spend/total purchases
  • Spend / (impressions/1000)
  • Clicks / impressions x 100
  • Conversions / Clicks x 100

Which ad format allows you to use multiple images or videos to show off different aspects of your app or tell a story?

  • Image ad
  • Collage ad
  • Carousel ad
  • Narrative ad

Why is it normally good practice to add ALT text to images?

  • To include necessary details, like disclaimers, without distracting from the message.
  • It allows you to include more copy by extending your character limit.
  • You can use this space to credit authors and artists without compromising your creatives.
  • Users who are blind, have low vision, or other conditions, may use screen readers to understand visual content.

Which of the following bidding types would you choose to quickly get your app re-engagement campaign live and serving impressions?

  • Automatic bid
  • All options are equally suited to this aim.
  • Maximum bid
  • Target bid

Your ad campaign is promoting a game app. What would be the most suitable call to action for your ad app button?

  • Play
  • Buy now
  • Learn more
  • Go to app store

Which metrics section enables you to add Tweet ID and Tweet media type as custom columns for easy filtering and sorting?

  • Breakdown by creative
  • Breakdown by device
  • Breakdown by placement
  • Activity history

You spend $50 on 10,000 impressions. What is the Cost per mille (CPM)?

  • $4 CPM
  • $8 CPM
  • $10 CPM
  • $5 CPM
  • Provide detailed copy to accompany the video.
  • Focus on the music and dialog, rather than visuals.
  • Ensure the video is at least 30 seconds long.
  • Display your product and logo within the first few seconds.

Under which attribution model would all associated advertising partners be credited equally?

  • Last touch
  • First touch
  • Position-based
  • Multi-touch

Why is conversion data less reliable in the first 24-48 hours of when impressions are served?

  • Initial real-time feedback is based on estimations and may fluctuate until reporting is finalized.
  • No data is gathered in the first 24 hours of a campaign.
  • User behaviours are less predictable at the start of a campaign.
  • Some features of the Twitter conversion reporting UI are not active during the first 48 hours of any campaign.

What does App Activity Combination enable you to do?

  • Combine and analyze user behavior data from multiple campaigns.
  • Automatically vary or randomize ad formats during a set campaign window.
  • Make connections between events in Twitter through a mobile measurement provider.
  • Segment and refine your App Activity Custom Audience based on the frequency and recency of user actions.

What is “attribution” in performance advertising?

  • An agreement with other Twitter account holders to include their handle or hashtag in an ad campaign.
  • A method of tracking conversions associated with a particular hashtag.
  • A system in which you assign credit to different advertising partners and platforms for driving conversion.
  • A legal requirement to credit authors and artists of content used in your campaign.

How do you choose the app you want to promote in your campaign?

  • Target mobile operating systems in the ‘targeting features’ section.
  • Add the app name as a keyword in the ‘targeting features’ section.
  • Type the app name into the ‘campaign name’ field.
  • Use the drop down selection tool in the ‘ad group details’ tab.

A Lifetime Value (LTV) formula is based on which two factors?

  • User spend rate and the average lifetime duration of users with the company.
  • The conversion rate (CVR) and the average lifetime duration of users with the company.
  • The total number of new users gained during the campaign and average user spend rate
  • User spend rate and campaign duration

How are you charged when applying an app clicks goal?

  • You pay the minimum charge plus clicks into the app store or directly into the app.
  • Your target bid sets the minimum amount to pay as the average cost per click.
  • You are charged for all clicks into the app or app store, plus all impressions that did not result in this action.
  • You are only charged when a user clicks into the app store or directly into the app.

What is the technical term for “an allowable period between the moment someone viewed or clicked on your ad and the moment they took action, in which an advertiser believes there was a causal relationship”?

  • Attribution window
  • Conversion journey
  • Campaign parameters
  • Attribution timeline

What is a tracking software development kit (SDK)?

  • An app store analytics feature for advertisers
  • A set of programming guidelines for app developers.
  • A code package installed in your mobile app that can measure events related to app installs.
  • A data visualization tool in Twitter ads manager.

What is a common benefit of campaigns that convey a sense of urgency, such as seasonal or one-time promotions?

  • Lower cost per mille (CPM)
  • Lower cost per action (CPA)
  • Lower cost per install (CPI)
  • Lower cost per click (CPC)

What feature can you use to help you discover and reach audiences on Twitter that are most likely to install?

  • Polls
  • Automated targeting
  • Twitter amplify
  • Product drops

What do you have to do before the SDK in your app will send conversion events to your Twitter Ads account?

  • Contact a specialist in the Twitter Ads Help Center for personalized support.
  • Contact a specialist in the Twitter Ads Help Center for personalized support.
  • Be running at least 20 ad groups at a time.
  • Choose a MACT partner and set up your app to track installs and events according to their support documentation.

Which of the following is a distinct benefit of using a target bid approach?

  • You can auto-optimize to get the best results at the lowest price within your budget.
  • It is typically the most cost-effective option.
  • There are more options for campaign setup and optimisation.
  • It allows greater control over how much you pay per billable action.

Which of the following data would you be able to explore via Audience Details?

  • Language and locations
  • Breakdown between Twitter and TAP delivery
  • Changes made to ad group
  • Devices used

Which placement option enables you to place an ad directly into a conversation thread?

  • Partner apps via TAP
  • Tweet replies
  • Profile pages
  • Home timeline

Which placement option can extend your reach by placing your ad in other apps used by your audience?

  • Profile pages
  • Relevant search pages
  • Home timeline
  • Partner apps via TAP

What is an app install ad?

  • An ad format that allows you to deliver the most relevant product to the right customer at the right time.
  • A promoted ad that allows you to reach the audiences most likely to download your app.
  • A promoted ad that allows you to enhance your app with premium video content from the most relevant publishers..
  • An ad format designed to increase visibility and can be used to promote an app to a targeted audience to build awareness and attract new followers.

How can you define and reach the target audience for your app installs campaign?

  • Maximize your use of demographic targeting.
  • Select all filters to narrow the field to as small an audience as possible.
  • Only filter by the keywords used in your campaign.
  • Apply selected filters that progressively narrow the field and then overlay data.

What is the conversion rate (CVR) for 10 conversions and 500 clicks?

  • 1%
  • 10%
  • 5%
  • 2%

Which of the following will enable you to manage conversions to track and send you events and attribution data?

  • Media studio
  • Twitter pixel helper
  • Quick promote
  • Mobile measurement partner

What is the aim of an app re-engagement ad campaign?

  • Reaching new mobile audiences.
  • Encouraging app installs beyond the initial launch campaign.
  • Reaching existing users to help drive loyalty and engagement.
  • Engaging with existing users to analyze user behaviors.

On which page are you able to customise your Twitter Audience Platform (TAP) settings?

  • Placements
  • Ad Group details
  • Creatives
  • Campaign details

You spend $1500 per new user on day 1 of your campaign. You have a goal of hitting 10% ROAS by day 5. How much do you need to generate from each user by the end of day 5 to achieve your ROAS goal?

  • $150
  • $100
  • $15
  • $10
  • Up to 6
  • Up to 3
  • Always 3, no more or less
  • Unlimited up to maximum 1GB

What are the two types of Twitter Website Tags? (select two)

  • Universal Website Tag
  • Mobile App Promotion Tags
  • Single Website (Event) Tag
  • Optimized Website Tags

In Twitter Ads Manager’s performance dashboard, what are the values listed in the results columns tied to?

  • Conversion tracking for websites allows you to track
  • How much money you’ve spent on your campaign
  • Your campaign flight duration
  • Your campaign objective

When you log into Twitter Ads Manager, what is the default view?

  • Your Twitter timeline
  • The performance dashboard
  • The latest Tweets dashboard
  • The campaign creator

Once you’ve set up a website tag, reporting for website conversion tracking is available in the _____________ within Twitter Ads Manager.

  • Campaigns tab
  • Media library
  • Website tracker tab
  • Tweet composer

For App Re-engagement campaigns, we recommend targeting:

  • Only users with an Android device
  • Only a select group of users
  • As broadly as possible at first
  • Only users with an iOS device

What are Twitter’s current performance advertising solutions? (select all that apply)

  • App Re-engagement Campaigns
  • App Install Campaigns
  • Website Click Campaigns
  • Awareness Campaigns

When verifying a website tag in Twitter Ads Manager, what are the three possible statuses you might encounter? (select all that apply)

  • Unverified
  • Tracking
  • Verified
  • Dormant

Setting up mobile app conversion tracking with one of our partners allows you to: (select all that apply)

  • Measure and compare the impact of your spending across all your marketing channels.
  • Collect location data and other identifying information from your audience.
  • Identify each step of your funnel and drive re-engagement through targeted re-marketing campaigns.
  • See deeper insights and trends around lifetime value and performance metrics.

What are the three bidding options available when creating a Website Clicks campaign in Ads Manager? (select three)

  • Optimized action bidding
  • Automatic bid
  • Maximum bid
  • Target Cost

_________ are clickable images or videos that drive users directly to your website.

  • Website Click Ads
  • App Install Ads
  • Twitter Video Ads
  • Twitter Image Ads

What is Marketing Mix Modeling?

  • A statistical analysis on sales and advertising spend data
  • An overview of time dedicated to advertisement
  • A cross-platform ad creative tool
  • A way to track how many ad formats you’re using regularly on Twitter

What are the two options for verifying your website tag? (select two)

  • Pixel helper extension
  • Twitter verification assistant
  • Browser verification
  • Twitter verification tracker

The allowable period between when someone viewed or clicked your ad and took action is called the:

  • View-Click-View-Buy Window
  • Attribution Window
  • User Action Window
  • Download Period

What allows you to measure site visits without using cookies?

  • Twitter Tracking Pixel
  • Twitter Click ID
  • Website tags
  • Conversion optimization

What does AMM stand for?

  • Advanced Mobile Measurement
  • App Media Manager
  • Advanced Maintenance Metrics
  • App Measurement Management

For apps to collate, organize, and standardize their data and deliver uniform metrics, you must integrate with a ________________.

  • MACT Partner
  • Google Analytics Account
  • Performance advertisers need to be able to prove their campaign drives results
  • iOS Tracking Pixel

There are two main ways performance advertisers measure on Twitter: (select two)

  • Server-to-server integration with DCM
  • Twitter website tag
  • Mobile IEM
  • Twitter Website Tag

Since 2012, the amount of time spent browsing the internet on a mobile device has increased by over

  • 5000%
  • It has declined, not increased
  • 200%
  • 50%

True or False. With Website Clicks campaigns, you have access to all Twitter social and demographic targeting.

  • True
  • False

For Website clicks campaigns, better performance is seen when the __________ is used for targeting.

  • Mobile Audience Manager
  • Website Activity Custom Audience
  • Audience Creator Tool
  • Custom Tailored Audience

What percentage of people access Twitter via mobile?

  • 25%
  • 88%
  • 50%
  • 33%

________ collect, organize, and standardize app data to deliver a uniform assessment of campaign performance metrics.

  • The Metrics Institute (TMI)
  • Most Accurate Proivders (MAP)
  • Mindshare Analysts (MA)
  • Mobile Measurement Providers (MMP)

What are the website actions you can track using conversion tracking?

  • Bounce rate, site visits, and sign ups
  • Site visits, purchases, downloads, sign ups, and custom actions
  • Website clicks, purchases, bounce rate, and custom actions
  • App installs, video views, downloads, and search results

Using a ___________ enables you to track user conversions and tie them back to ad campaigns on Twitter.

  • Google Analytics Code Snippet
  • Cookie-enabled website
  • Conversion Tag
  • Twitter Tracking Pixel

What are the two things you must do before creating an App Installs campaign? (select two)

  • You need to set up your MACT Partner
  • Your app must have at least a 4.0 rating on the app store
  • You need to set up your iOS Tracking Pixel
  • You need to set up your SKAd Network connection

What bidding strategy do Website Clicks campaigns use?

  • CPAC – Cost Per App Click
  • ROAS – Return on Ad Spend
  • CPC – Cost Per Click
  • LTV – Lifetime Value

Where would you see an option to break out conversions by conversion event name?

  • In the Campaigns tab in Ads Manager
  • At the bottom of the Ads Manager dashboard
  • When creating a downloadable .csv report in Ads Manager
  • In the Campaign Details section of the Campaign Creator

Performance advertisers care about:

  • Driving increased video views and click-through rates.
  • Building awareness for a new product or service.
  • Driving performance at scale and being able to measure the results.
  • Increasing their following on Twitter.

What should you do if your conversion events aren’t showing as tracking?

  • Make sure you’ve correctly set up your mobile conversion tracking events in your MACT partner dashboard
  • Wait 3-5 days for the conversion events to finish syncing
  • Contact Twitter customer service
  • Nothing. Conversion events should not show as tracking

Most advertisers give click-through attribution credit; only some of them give:

  • Adjacency reporting
  • View-through attribution credit
  • Cost Per App Click analysis
  • Time-of-day attribution credit

_________ is critical to performance-focused advertisers because they need to prove their advertising drives results.

  • Measurement
  • In-App Purchases
  • Cost Per App Click
  • Platform Adjacency

App Re-engagement campaigns help you: (select all that apply)

  • Increase usage
  • Sell in-app purchases
  • Drive loyalty
  • Get ahead of the app deletion phenomenon

What is an App Install Ad?

  • a new kind of video ad from Twitter
  • an ad that runs on third-party services to help drive installs of your mobile app
  • a Promoted Twitter Ad that allows you to reach audiences who are most likely to download your app
  • an ad that displays across the iOS and Google Play stores

On average, how many people abandon an app after just one session?

  • 1 in 50
  • 1 in 5
  • 1 in 20
  • 1 in 10
  • Maximum bid
  • Automatic bid
  • Target cost
  • Optimal bid

True or False. With App Install Ads, you have access to all Twitter social targeting and demographic targeting to find the right audience for your campaign.

  • True
  • False

What percentage of people on Twitter have made a mobile purchase within the last month?

  • 50%
  • 30%
  • 25%
  • 64%

_______________ refers to when someone on Twitter sees your Promoted Tweet and does not engage with it, but later visits your website and converts.

  • Post-engagement attribution
  • Download attribution
  • Post-view attribution
  • Website click attribution

Where can people see your performance ad campaigns on Twitter? (select all that apply)

  • on their home timeline
  • on partner apps via TAP
  • at the top of relevant search pages
  • at the top of their DMs

Where can you locate the DCM server to server solution?

  • Within Tools, under Ads editor
  • In the Campaign Form, at the Ad Group level
  • In the Campaign Editor, under DCM Options
  • Within Analytics, under Tweet Activity

Match the following attribution types to their correct definition.

  • Last Touch Attribution (1)
  • Multi-Touch Attribution (2)
  • First Touch Attribution (3)
  • The first platform that impacts the user gets 100% of the credit (3)
  • All platforms that impacted the user get a portion of the credit (2)
  • The last platform that impacts the user before they convert gets 100% of the credit (1)
  • True
  • False

App Re-engagement campaigns target your ________ to drive even more conversions and loyalty.

  • Previous users
  • Existing users
  • Newsletter subscribers
  • Potential users

Twitter has a direct integration with which partner-provided measurement tool?

  • DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM)
  • Sizmek
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Google Analytics

_________ lets you run your ads across Managed Publisher MoPub inventory for premium apps.

  • Twitter iOS Gallery
  • Twitter Managed App Inventory
  • Twitter Audience Platform
  • Twitter App Platform

___________ allow you to further define your App Activity Custom Audience based on the frequency and recency of user actions.

  • Twitter Custom Audiences
  • App Activity Combinations
  • Promoted Video Ads
  • Twitter Measurement Reports

When launching a new campaign, what is the period of time during which our systems try to find the best users for your ads? It typically lasts 3-5 days.

  • The Learning Period
  • User Acquisition Window
  • Attribution Window
  • There is no name for this period
  • App Install ads
  • Mobile tailored audiences
  • Custom metrics in Ads Manager
  • Twitter website tags

_______________ is a single code snippet placed across your entire website to track multiple site actions or conversions.

  • A single snippet website tag
  • Multiple site actions tag
  • A universal website tag
  • A multiple site actions tag

What are the two ways you can buy an App Installs campaign on Twitter? (select two)

  • Cost per Download (CPD)
  • Cost per App Click (CPAC)
  • Optimized Action Bidding (OAB)
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Why is measurement such a critical component of performance advertising?

  • Performance advertisers rely on measurement to determine their KPIs
  • Performance advertisers need to be able to prove their campaign drives results
  • Measurement is not a critical component of performance advertising
  • Performance advertisers tend to be more interested in data

When an advertiser has different measurement sources, each with slightly different definitions for attributing actions to advertising, the result can be:

  • Lower reach
  • Measurement adjacencies
  • Higher reach
  • Measurement discrepancies

App measurement is typically done via:

  • A pixel within the app itself
  • ClickID
  • A viewability measurement service
  • A tracking software development kit (SDK)

A _______________ is created when the Twitter website tag has collected over 100 IDs of visitors from Twitter users.

  • Twitter Click ID
  • Twitter Website Tag
  • Custom Tailored Audience
  • Website Activity Audience

Conversion tracking for websites allows you to track:

  • the actions someone takes after viewing or engaging with your ads on Twitter
  • how long someone spent looking at your ad before taking action
  • detailed information about someone’s location
  • the amount of time someone spent searching for something on your website

Creating several conversion events of the same conversion type can lead to:

  • duplicated data in your Twitter Ads dashboard
  • exhausting your daily budget maximum
  • decreased overall spend
  • increased engagement with your Promoted Ads

Which ad formats can be used in Twitter’s performance ad campaigns? (select all that apply)

  • Text Ads
  • Image Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Video views
  • Link clicks
  • Website conversions
  • App installs

What is a post-engagement attribution window?

  • A time window for crediting Twitter with conversions that happen after someone views your ads
  • A time window for determining whether or not the user is likely to uninstall your app
  • A time window for crediting Twitter with conversions that happen after a certain time of day
  • A time window for crediting Twitter with conversions that happen after someone engages with your ads

What are the two types of attribution windows you can set for your campaign? (select two)

  • Post-engagment
  • Post-login
  • Post-view
  • Post-acquisition

Performance advertising on Twitter refers to digital ads that ask someone to:

  • Vote for a specific candidate or support a political cause
  • Change an attitude, like Cheer up
  • Start a live concert or musical performance
  • Complete a specific call to action, like Buy Now or Install

To set up a Mobile App Promotion campaign, you will need to:

  • Enable the Twitter Pixel within your app
  • Have a five-star rating on the iOS App Store
  • Add your application to your Twitter Ads account
  • Have at least 500 active users on your app

The Twitter Ads system completes conversion attribution on your conversions based on:

  • A standard attribution window timeframe
  • How much you spend per app click
  • How long it takes for you to get your first download
  • The attribution window you set

Twitter’s App Re-engagement ads focus on:

  • new user acquisitions
  • reaching your existing users to help drive loyalty and engagement
  • driving awareness through video-based content
  • sending promotional messages via DMs

Which of the following statements are accurate descriptions of Timeline Takeover?

  • Timeline Takeover is an exclusive, single-day, “mass awareness” ad package of Twitter’s most valuable impressions.
  • You can achieve massive reach to our receptive audience over a 24-hour period using immersive, autoplay videos at the top of the timeline.
  • Using Timeline Takeover, you can maximize your brand exposure on a single day, such as a launch day.
  • Timeline Takeover allows you to own a single hashtag

In a Video Ad with App Button, what can people see at the bottom of the video ad? Select all that apply.

  • App detail
  • App rating
  • App interface
  • Blue app install button

Which of the following statements about 15s view are correct? (Select all that apply)

  • Brands pay for impressions/video starts in 15s view.
  • Campaigns with very narrow targeting/low-frequency caps will struggle to successfully serve using 15s view.
  • Short-form creative (less than 15s) is not recommended for 15s view under Pre-roll Views at this time.
  • LiveCut Clips

Why should you advertise with videos on Twitter? Choose all that apply.

  • Video ads on Twitter have the ability to lift key brand metrics.
  • Video ads on Twitter can lift purchase intent.
  • Video ads are universally more effective than other ad formats.
  • Video ads on Twitter can lift brand favorability

What are the three key services provided by Twitter ArtHouse? (Choose all that apply)

  • #Editing&Optimization
  • #BlueBrush
  • Influencer campaigns
  • Out of home activations
  • You want to showcase multiple features or products
  • You want to promote multiple offers
  • You want to illustrate various benefits of an app, product, or service
  • You want to telling a multi-faceted story

You are an interior design company and you want to illustrate several facets of your service to your potential clients, which Twitter ad formats should you choose?

  • Quick Promote
  • Amplify Pre-roll
  • Carousel Ads
  • App Installs Ads

Which of the following terms represents the cost of each individual view that an ad receives?

  • CPM.
  • CPV
  • CPCV
  • Viewability

In the creative case study provided in this course, how did @CheesyVelveeta build positive brand associations with Twitter’s Video Ads?

  • @CheesyVelveeta showcased a positive human interaction associated with Velveeta Shells & Cheese.
  • @CheesyVelveeta applied prominent text overlays to promote their brand’s story.
  • @CheesyVelveeta ran a groundbreaking “Blank” video campaign
  • @CheesyVelveeta created a global contest

True or false. You can go live on Twitter on your Twitter app.

  • True
  • False

Which ad format matches and runs your video ad before premium video content from over 200 brand-safe publishers?

  • Amplify Pre-roll
  • Carousel Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Twitter Takeover

You produced a video ad with creative sound effects and voiceovers, how do you adapt it to Twitter’s feed environment? (Select all that apply)

  • Create word (sound effect) overlays or subtitles and encourage users to turn on their sounds.
  • Put the video ad on Twitter as it is and hope that the audience will turn the sound on.
  • Add “Turn your sound on” in the video.
  • Reach out to a Twitter representative and ask the platform make an exception for your video ad.

What demographic metrics can you adjust when setting up a campaign? (Select all that apply)

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Language

Which of the following statements about live broadcasting are correct? (Select all that apply)

  • Publishers can live-stream content on Twitter with external encoding hardware or software—a requirement for professional content creators.
  • Amplify Publisher Partners can monetize live broadcasts to drive revenue from a live stream.
  • Producer gives publishers a self-serve way to launch a professionally-produced live stream on Twitter.
  • Twitter Live Event is unavailable during a live broadcast

Which of the following features are incorporated in Twitter’s Live Broadcast?

  • Hearts
  • Reminder Cards
  • Video Carousel
  • Conversation

You are a global fashion brand and you want to launch a virtual live fashion show to promote your eco-conscious fashion products. You want to draw a large audience and include promotions before and after the live campaign. Which Twitter Live platform should you choose?

  • Live Event
  • Live Broadcast
  • Go Live on Twitter app

Which of the following statements on Tweet Copy best practices are correct? (Select all that apply)

  • Keep Tweet copy as focused as possible
  • Connect copy and content
  • More hashtags = more success
  • Keep it brief

In the creative case study provided in this course, how did @SpecialK leverage Twitter’s Video Ads and Tweet Copies to promote their brand? (Select all that apply)

  • @SpecialK provided a short Tweet Copy that conveys a clear and focused message.
  • @SpecialK featured strong connections between the Video Ads and the the Tweet Copy.
  • @SpecialK used hashtags to drive higher favorability and message association.
  • @SpecialK used paragraph breaks and tweet threads to create a unique message.

Which Twitter ad format can help brands reach new audiences and drive people to their website or app through multiple images or videos?

  • Engagement Campaigns
  • Video Ads with App Buttons
  • Video Ads with “Expand” Buttons
  • Carousel Ads

In the case study provided in this course, how did @GonnaNeedMilk connect with sports fans and reposition milk as an ideal recovery drink for athletes on Twitter? (Select all that apply)

  • @GonnaNeedMilk kicked off its campaign during the NBA Playoffs by appearing prominently as a headline on the Explore tab through a Trend Takeover.
  • @GonnaNeedMilk ran contextually aligned content as pre-roll before the NBA’s Playoff coverage on the official NBA Twitter handle.
  • Throughout the Playoffs, @GonnaNeedMilk continued to expand their sports drink messaging with Promoted Tweets, or Tweets that were targeted to sports fans on Twitter.
  • Throughout the Playoffs, @GonnaNeedMilk continued to expand their sports drink messaging with Promoted Tweets, or Tweets that were targeted to sports fans on Twitter.

Which of the following statements about Twitter Amplify are correct? (Select all that apply)

  • Twitter Amplify helps brands build association with events, expertise, and topics that publishers deliver to audiences.
  • Twitter Amplify extends the reach of the brand message & publisher content.
  • Twitter Amplify pairs the brand with the premium publisher content of their choosing.
  • Twitter Amplify provides brands with Ads within Direct Messages
  • 3s/100% video views
  • Video views
  • 15s video views
  • Followers campaign

Which of the following statements about hashtags are correct? (Select all that apply)

  • You can expect your brand slogan to translate to a hashtag.
  • You should reward users for interacting with your hashtag.
  • You should research how the hashtag is being used already.
  • Always use ALL CAPS in your hashtag.

Which of the following components are required in a Trend Takeover campaign? (Select all that apply)

  • Trend Description in multiple languages
  • Trend Takeover Hashtag
  • Promoted Ads
  • Branded Emoji

What types of Twitter publisher content can you run your Amplify Sponsorship ads with?

  • Quick Promote
  • Video clips
  • Live videos
  • Sponsored moments

Which of the following statements about going live on Twitter app are correct? (Select all that apply)

  • Going live on Twitter App is limited to the capabilities of the mobile phone and internet connection.
  • More experienced Publishers/Advertisers who larger campaigns should use Media Studio instead.
  • Your Live Video will apear in a Tweet in your followers’ timeline and in your profile.
  • Only verified creators can go live using Twitter app.

In the case study provided in this course, how did CVS Health partner with WebMD to promote health-consciousness on Twitter? (Select all that apply)

  • CVS created a Timeline Takeover campaign to spread mass awareness of their partnership with WebMD.
  • CVS used the website Cards and Sponsored Moments to help extend the stories of the content it sponsored
  • WebMD created a year-long content strategy that hits on different themes depending on the time of year that allow CVS to align with through Twitter Amplify.
  • CVS targeted previous health and wellness content viewers with Website Cards to inspire a click to

When should you choose “run of publishers” in an Amplify Pre-roll campaign? (Select all that apply)

  • You want to build contextual alignment with publisher content
  • You want to promote always-on mass-reach inventory
  • You need to boost brand awareness and scale
  • You want to promote during top events/occasions

How can influencers help your campaign align with what’s happening in our culture? (Select all that apply)

  • You can partner with influencer(s) to create bespoke content on your behalf.
  • You can pair your brand 1:1 with Creator content through our Individual Creator Programs.
  • You can run your brand pre-roll at scale on brand-safe, premium content from diverse Digital Creators.
  • You can use influencers in new markets where they are not known.

When should you use Twitter #BlueBrush services? (Select all that apply)

  • When you want to launch a new brand message
  • When you want to connect copy and content
  • When you want to establish relationships with influencers
  • When you want to align with a sponsorship with contextually relevant pre-roll

Which of the following bid units prioritizes long-form engaged video views.

  • 2s/50%
  • 3s/100%
  • 6s/50%
  • 15s video view

You are a film production company and you want to maximize the impact of your Twitter ad campaign on your new action movie launch. You also want to create mass awareness and shift users’ sentiments. What should you do to achieve that?

  • The autoplay GIF or video appears at the top of the Explore tab, with the advertiser’s #hashtag, trend description, and “Promoted by Brand” copy
  • The trend moves down to the Trends section (without the GIF).
  • An advertiser’s pinned Tweet at the top and a timeline of other Tweets that contain the hashtag is populated.
  • The autoplay GIF or video appears as a Tweet on the viewer’s timeline.

When should you use Timeline Takeover? (Select all that apply)

  • When you want to seek a wide reach to engaged audiences.
  • When you want to launch a campaign that call for immersive storytelling through videos.
  • When you want to garner attention to your ads.
  • When you require very specific targeting

Which of the following tips on influencer campaigns are correct? (Select all that apply)

  • Tell and influencer exactly what to say and do.
  • Provide influencers with the creative runway at the onset of the brief to ensure the campaign will hit the right tone.
  • Work with influencers to create Tweet copy that leverages their signature voice and doesn’t come across as overly commercial.
  • Balance branding with overall creative messaging to draw a clear connection to your brand.

Which feature allows you to choose a category that describes your brand when you set up Pre-roll campaigns?

  • Conversation topics
  • Follower look-alike
  • Goal
  • Brand vertical

Which of the following ad formats are supported by Timeline Takeover? (Select all that apply)

  • Image Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Twitter Live
  • Amplify Pre-roll

Which one is NOT one of Amplify Pre-roll Publisher Criteria

  • Verified account in good standing
  • Video content must be of premium production quality
  • Publish brand-safe content according to the Safe for Ads content guidelines
  • Publishers agree to only create content for Twitter

You want align your video ad content from a specific publisher to connect with your consumers’ passion points. Which Twitter ad format should you choose?

  • Amplify Pre-roll
  • Amplify Sponsorship
  • Trend takeover
  • Timeline Takeover

Which of the following options contain all the targeting features can you set up in on Twitter’s ad manager?

  • Keywords
  • Follower look-alikes, Movies and TV shows, Conversation topics, Keywords
  • Keywords, Follower look-alikes
  • Events, TV shows
  • View Completes Goal
  • 50/50% Views
  • 6s Views
  • Pre-roll Views

Which Amplify buying option allows advertisers to verify that their ads are reaching a specific demographic via Nielsen?

  • Demo Guarantee
  • Fixed Rate
  • Biddable
  • Auto-bid

Which of the following statements about Trend Takeover companion Tweets are correct? (Select all that apply)

  • The Trend Takeover companion Tweets support Video Ads with Website Buttons.
  • The Trend Takeover companion Tweets support Video Ads with App Buttons.
  • Companion Tweets appear in the Home timeline and hashtag search results page throughout the day.
  • The Trend Takeover companion Tweet is not available at this time.

Which of the following tips about mixing ad formats are correct? (Select all that apply)

  • Start with the ad format that casts the widest “attention net” - Timeline Takeover.
  • Diversify the mix of ad formats to extend the impact of your budget.
  • Use different assets for different ad formats, a single asset seen among a mix of formats can decrease brand favorability.
  • Leverage the individual strengths of Amplify and Promoted Video to move consumers through the funnel.

Which ArtHouse service should you use if you want to optimize existing brand assets with a focus on Twitter-specific best practices, consumer insights, attention theory, and design principles?

  • Amplify Campaign
  • Influencer campaigns
  • #Editing&Optimization
  • Out of Home Retrofit

When should you use Video Ads with Website Buttons? (Select all that apply)

  • You want to extend brand engagement and continue the conversation
  • You want to optimize and pay for your primary goal
  • You want to captivate your audience
  • You want to pay for multiple campaign goals

In the creative case study provided in this course, how did @HeinzTweets leverage Twitter’s Video Ads to promote their no sugar added ketchup?

  • @HeinzTweets used a text-only video to promote their brand’s story.
  • @HeinzTweets applied dominant colors that are consistent within the video and aligned with their branding to captivate viewers’ attention and reenforce brand identity.
  • @HeinzTweets showcased a positive human interaction associated with their no sugar added ketchup
  • @HeinzTweets ran a global contest

What is on the bottom left of an Ampify Pre-roll video?

  • Your handle’s logo
  • A time countdown
  • A publisher thumbnail
  • Twitter’s logo

Which one of the following features is in Twitter’s Live Events but not Twitter’s Live Broadcasts?

  • Video Carousel
  • Conversation
  • Virtual live stream testing and support from Publisher Help team
  • Broadcast Scheduling, LiveCut, Analytics.

Which of the following bid units maximizes video views and lowers the cost per view?

  • 15s video view
  • 15s/50%
  • 3s/50%
  • 2s/50%

Which measurement study investigates the brand lift between those who have seen your ad and those who have not to help you understand if your campaign is driving mass awareness?

  • Marketing Mix Modeling
  • Incremental Reach Measurement
  • Viewability Reporting
  • Brand Surveys

Which of the following statements about Curated Category are correct?

  • Curated Categories allow advertisers to align with niche topics to ensure a deeper level of contextual alignment.
  • Advertisers can stop their ads from appearing alongside content from up to 5 specific handles per Curated Category.
  • Advertisers can NOT stop their ads from appearing alongside content from any specific handles per Curated Category.
  • Twitter’s Curated Categories include football, basketball, baseball, women’s lifestyle, men’s lifestyle, etc.

Which of the following best practices can apply to Trend Takeover/Trend Takeover+ campaigns? (Select all that apply)

  • Use videos that are 5-6 seconds long to ensure a continuous clean loop.
  • Allow sufficient buffer time for viewers to see your logo or CTA before it replays.
  • Embrace flashing and plenty of text overlays.
  • Focus your copy and creative on a single topic, and make it declarative and intriguing.

Where should you position your brand logo to get the most attention in your video ads?

  • Upper right corner of the frame
  • Upper or center of the frame
  • Lower left corner of the frame
  • Positioning has no impact on attention

Which of the following metrics are available for Trend Takeover/Trend Takeover+ campains? (Select all that apply)

  • Direct Message Views
  • Trend Impressions
  • Mentions
  • Tweets Displayed
  • In the Add Media window, select up to 280 existing assets in the media library.
  • In the Ad Media window, select one one existing asset at a time and click add media. You can repeat this action up to six times.
  • Upload 280 new video assets
  • In the Add Media window, select up to six existing assets in the media library or to upload new assets.

Why do creatives matter for Twitter Video Ads?

  • Creative best practices can lift brand favorability.
  • Creative is a significant factor when it comes to driving sales.
  • Creative best practices can lift purchase intent for Twitter.
  • Good creatives drive no significant impact on campaign success

What is the maximum frequency that each logged-in user can see your Timeline Takeover ad per day?

  • 2x per day
  • 3x per day
  • 4x per day
  • 5x per day

Which of the following statements about Amplify Sponsorships are correct? (Select all that apply)

  • Amplify Sponsorships allow you to select multiple content categories of the video ads.
  • Amplify Sponsorships run pre-roll ads alongside any of the available standard or curated content categories.
  • Amplify Sponsorships enable your brand to connect with a specific event or tentpole moment.
  • Amplify Sponsorships support one-to-one alignment with a leading video publisher.

Which of the following terms represent cost per 1000 impressions?

  • CPV
  • CPCV
  • CPM
  • Completion rate

What ad goals can you select for website traffic campaigns? (Select all that apply)

  • Website Visits
  • Link clicks
  • App Installs
  • Conversations

You are a clothing brand and you want to use Twitter’s Video Ad offerings to direct your audience to your landing page, which ad format should you choose?

  • Video Ads with Website Buttons
  • Video Ads
  • Video Ads with Polls
  • Video Ads with Conversation Buttons

How might creatives drive emotional reactions from the viewer in your video ads?

  • Clear logo placement
  • Grabbing attention with your logo
  • Highlighting brand presence
  • Incorporating a positive human interaction

Which of the following best practices can apply to Timeline Takeover campaigns? (Select all that apply)

  • Keep messaging concise and consistent in your creatives and copy.
  • Have a sound-off strategy, use subtitles or text overlays.
  • Align your creative to the right moment.
  • Incorporate 7-10 hashtags to drive conversation and gain attention

According to Twitter’s visual guideline, what should you put at the top left corner of an Amplify Video Ad?

  • Your brand logo
  • It’s a dead zone, logo will appear automatically here
  • 4-5 hashtags
  • It’s a dead zone, it shows the video play time left

Which ad formats can you apply before a Live Event to “tease”? (Select all that apply)

  • Promoted Video
  • Event Reminder
  • Branded Emoji
  • LiveCut Clips
  • The video continues to play while the website loads below.
  • The video stops and the website loads below.
  • The website loads and takes over the entire screen.
  • The website loads after the viewer completes the video.

Which ad format offers the most premium, mass-reach placements that drive results across the funnel?

  • Amplify Sponsorship
  • Twitter Takeover
  • Twitter Live
  • Carousel Ads

What are some of the occassions to go live on Twitter? (Select all that apply)

  • Music festival
  • Product launch
  • Fashion shows
  • Private company meetings

What is the lead time for a #BlueBrush project?

  • 1-2 weeks
  • 3-5 weeks
  • 4-6 weeks
  • 5-8 weeks

Who do Twitter Rules apply to?

  • Advertisers only
  • Publishers only
  • Everyone
  • Creators only

What is the maximum number of publisher handles you can exclude for each standard category selected?

  • 0
  • 10
  • 50
  • 100

You are a sports drink brand that wants to align your video ads with a single, premium sports publisher during the Superbowl. Which ad format should you choose?

  • Timeline Takeover
  • Trend Takeover
  • Amplify Pre-roll
  • Amplify Sponsorship

With a limited budget, your organization wants to host a small live virtual concert to fundraise for charity. Which Twitter Live platform should you choose?

  • Live Event
  • Live Broadcast
  • Go Live on Twitter app

What paperwork do you need for an influencer campaign on Twitter?

  • IO, T&Cs, & SOW
  • SOPs
  • SOW
  • T&Cs

What is viewer’s third impression of Trend Takeover+?

  • The autoplay GIF or video appears at the top of the Explore tab, with the advertiser’s #hashtag, trend description, and “Promoted by Brand” copy
  • The trend moves down to the Trends section (without the GIF).
  • An advertiser’s pinned Tweet at the top and a timeline of other Tweets that contain the hashtag is populated.
  • The autoplay GIF or video appears as a Tweet on the viewer’s timeline.

Which metric indicates when your video is watched in 50% view for 2 seconds or more, or when someone clicks to expand/unmute your video?

  • A 6s/50% pre-roll/video view
  • A 3s/100% pre-roll/video view
  • A pre-roll view or a video view
  • A 15s pre-roll/video

What is the maximum number of characters you can include in your Trend Hashtag?

  • 20 characters
  • 30 characters
  • 40 characters
  • 50 characters

Which ad format allows you to drive interested viewers to your landing site through Video Ads?

  • Carousel Ads
  • Video Ads with App Buttons
  • Amplify Sponsorship
  • Video Ads with Website Buttons

Which kind of campaign can drive brand loyalty and in-app conversions from your existing customers?

  • Video Views campaign
  • Engagement campaign
  • App Reengagement campaign
  • Followers campaign

Video ads on Twitter feel more relevant and less intrusive because:

  • They display only in a creator’s profile page.
  • They display within the timeline as normal Tweets (although marked as Promoted).
  • They display within the timeline as normal Tweets and are not marked as Promoted.
  • They only display in the timeline if they are forwarded or liked by someone you follow.

Which type of In-Stream Video Ad would you choose for your sponsorship campaign if you wanted to connect with the audience of an awards show happening right now?

  • Pre-roll before live video
  • Promoted Trend
  • Sponsored Moments
  • Pre-roll ads on highlight clips

True or False: You create a First View campaign by starting with the campaign objective.

  • False
  • True

What is the best tool for driving sales that is directly within your control?

  • Brand recognition
  • Ads longer than 6 seconds
  • Good creative
  • Twitter copy

What are the three key factors to maximizing the effectiveness of your video ads on Twitter?

  • Branding, video length, strong visuals
  • Use of influencers, spelling and grammar, video quality
  • Use of large logos, including animals, exporting at a high frame rate
  • Use of captions, audio volume, color accuracy

In-Stream Video Sponsorships can be most effective for brands who: (Select three.)

  • Want to target a competitor’s TV sponsorship
  • Want to drive traffic or sign-ups on a website
  • Don’t do or can’t afford traditional TV sponsorships
  • Already sponsor TV programming

Why should you work with an influencer?

  • Influencers cost less than hiring a professional actor.
  • An influencer’s authentic voice may help make your brand more relevant.
  • Influencers can often create content faster than brands can.
  • Influencers only get paid when you sell a product on Twitter.

If your company wants to promote new running shoes with famous athletes, they should choose:

  • Team #Optimization
  • Team #BlueBrush
  • Team #Influencers
  • Team #Live Brand Studio

Match the best practices for good creative to the statements.

  • Make an impact early (1)
  • Keep it short and simple (2)
  • Put your brand front and center (3)
  • Videos with a concise message within the first 3 seconds also have 13% higher brand recall and overall view time. (1)
  • The sweet spot for a video ad is about 6 seconds. (2)
  • Include your branding prominently throughout your creative. (3)

Which Live Brand Studio product offers live, real-time analytics in Media Studio?

  • Event Page
  • Broadcast
  • Neither Broadcast nor Event Page
  • Both Broadcast and Event Page

Clear logo placement can positively impact:

  • The mood of your audience
  • Sales of your products
  • The amount of Direct Messages you receive after a campaign
  • Unaided brand recall

What types of events are brands choosing to highlight when going live on Twitter? (Select all that apply.)

  • Shareholder proxy votes
  • Earnings calls
  • Fashion shows
  • Product launches

What are the three types of video formats you can choose for your Promoted Video Views campaign?

  • Video, Conversational Video
  • Video only
  • Video, GIF
  • Video, GIF, Conversational Video

True or False: Pre-roll ads are skippable after 6 seconds.

  • False
  • True

When creating a new In-Stream Video Ad, what does “Brand Safety” inside targeting criteria allow you to do?

  • Add redaction to your Tweet copy automatically
  • Exclude content categories and publisher handles you do not want to align with your In-Stream Video Ads
  • Filter on demographics
  • Customize what your audience sees based on their age

When creating content for First View, you should: (Select all that apply.)

  • Convey a key message: The timeline moves fast and people’s attention spans move faster. Successful brands convey their key message quickly.
  • Use extremely loud music: Loud noises attract attention and can help give your ad more views.
  • Feature people: Consumers are naturally drawn to human faces. Show people and/or talent in the first few frames to draw people in.
  • Keep copy succinct: Short is always sweet. Tweets with under 100 characters drive significantly higher engagement than those over 100.