A marketing director of a large team is looking to reach an audience at scale through Display campaigns. How might Display campaign reporting help with this objective?

It provides 'recommended insights,' which are focused on topic targeting.

In addition to standard Google Ads reporting, it provides reports that facilitate broad, strategic ad management.

Its summary report provides executive summaries of total cost and bidding.

Its reporting functionality includes exclusive placement reports designed for high-level advertising strategies.

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Explanation: Display campaign reporting In addition to standard Google Ads reporting, it provides reports that facilitate broad, strategic ad management. This functionality enables the marketing director to gain insights into the overall performance and impact of their Display campaigns at a macro level. Unlike standard reporting metrics, which may focus on specific performance indicators like click-through rates or conversions, Display campaign reporting provides a comprehensive overview that allows for broad strategic decision-making. These reports may include metrics such as reach, impressions, engagement rates, and overall campaign effectiveness, providing the marketing director with valuable insights into the scale and reach of their campaigns. By analyzing these broader metrics, the marketing director can assess the overall effectiveness of their Display campaigns in reaching a large audience and make informed decisions to optimize their strategies accordingly. Therefore, selecting the option highlighting the provision of reports facilitating broad, strategic ad management accurately reflects how Display campaign reporting can help the marketing director reach an audience at scale by providing comprehensive insights into campaign performance and effectiveness.

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