Adam has determined that 'Drive action' is the appropriate marketing objective for his new Display campaign. What are two relevant options he might use to reach his goal? (Choose two.)

Demographic targeting

Custom Intent audiences

Dynamic remarketing

Affinity Audiences

Standard remarketing

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Explanation: For Adam’s new Display campaign with the marketing objective of ‘Drive action,’ two relevant options he might use to reach his goal are Dynamic remarketing and Standard remarketing. Dynamic remarketing allows advertisers to show personalized ads to users based on their past interactions with the advertiser’s website or app, showcasing products or services that they previously viewed but didn’t purchase. This targeting option is highly effective in driving action by re-engaging users with tailored ads that remind them of products they showed interest in, prompting them to return and complete their purchase. Similarly, Standard remarketing targets users who have previously visited Adam’s website or app, regardless of the specific actions they took. By displaying ads to these users as they browse other websites or use other apps across the Google Display Network, Standard remarketing helps keep Adam’s brand top of mind and encourages users to revisit his site and take desired actions. Both Dynamic and Standard remarketing are valuable strategies for driving action by re-engaging with users who have already expressed interest in Adam’s products or services, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversions and achieving his campaign objective. Therefore, selecting Dynamic remarketing and Standard remarketing as relevant options aligns with Adam’s goal of driving action through targeted remarketing efforts aimed at re-engaging interested users and prompting them to take desired actions.

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