An advertiser has seen a lot of success with Google Search, and they'd like to increase their reach by creating a Display campaign. They'd like the setup to be as effortless as possible. What kind of targeting should they use in their Display campaign?

Optimized targeting and manually selected targeting

No targeting

Manually selected targeting

Optimized targeting

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Explanation: The correct answer is ‘Optimized targeting.’ When transitioning from Google Search to a Display campaign, especially for advertisers seeking an effortless setup, optimized targeting is the most suitable option. Optimized targeting allows advertisers to leverage Google’s machine learning algorithms to automatically identify and target audiences that are most likely to engage with their ads based on their behavior, interests, demographics, and browsing history. This approach minimizes the need for manual intervention in selecting specific targeting criteria, making the setup process more streamlined and efficient. By relying on optimized targeting, advertisers can benefit from Google’s extensive data insights and predictive capabilities to reach relevant audiences across the Display Network without the complexities of manually selecting targeting options. Additionally, optimized targeting continuously optimizes campaign performance over time, refining audience targeting based on real-time data and feedback to maximize ad relevance and engagement. Overall, for advertisers seeking a hassle-free setup and effective audience reach in their Display campaigns, optimized targeting offers a user-friendly and efficient solution by leveraging the power of machine learning and data-driven insights.

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