Brian owns a company that makes inexpensive replacement parts for bicycles. He's ready to increase the scale of his business and wants to use Google Display Ads to drive sales. Which feature of a Google Display Ads will help Brian achieve his business objectives?

His ads can appear on websites relevant to bicycles, and therefore connect him to his potential audience.

His ads can appear on Google Search results when customers are searching for specific search terms.

His ads can contain proprietary formatting that allow him to precisely demonstrate how his products work.

His ads can enable customers to purchase his products directly from within the ad.

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Explanation: The correct answer is ‘His ads can appear on websites relevant to bicycles, and therefore connect him to his potential audience.’ Google Display Ads offer Brian a vast network of websites where his ads can be displayed, reaching potential customers who are actively browsing content related to bicycles and bicycle parts. This feature allows Brian to target his ads effectively, ensuring that they are seen by users who are likely interested in his products. By appearing on relevant websites within the Google Display Network, Brian can increase brand awareness, drive traffic to his website, and ultimately boost sales of his inexpensive replacement parts for bicycles. This targeted approach ensures that Brian’s advertising efforts are directed towards reaching users who are more likely to engage with his ads and make purchases, thus helping him achieve his business objectives of increasing the scale of his business.

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