Brian's desired audience isn't covered by the segments In-Market audiences offers. What's another suitable option Brian could choose to help him influence potential customer consideration?

Custom Intent audiences

Standard remarketing

Similar Audiences

Demographic targeting

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Explanation: The correct answer is ‘Custom Intent audiences.’ When Brian’s desired audience isn’t covered by the segments offered in In-Market audiences, Custom Intent audiences provide another suitable option to help him influence potential customer consideration. Custom Intent audiences allow advertisers to reach users who are actively researching products or services relevant to their business, even if they haven’t interacted with their website. This targeting option enables Brian to define customized audience segments based on specific keywords, URLs, and apps related to his products or services. By creating Custom Intent audiences tailored to his target audience’s interests, behaviors, and intent signals, Brian can effectively reach users who are actively researching products or services similar to what he offers, increasing the likelihood of influencing their consideration and driving conversions. Therefore, Custom Intent audiences are a valuable targeting option for Brian to reach potential customers outside of the pre-defined segments offered by In-Market audiences, allowing him to effectively influence potential customer consideration and drive business outcomes.

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