If you wanted to analyze user journeys across a website and an app, and see how new users were arriving at both, which of these techniques should you use for insights?

Google Analytics 4 properties

Universal Analytics properties

Google Marketing Platform


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Explanation: The correct option is Google Analytics 4 properties. When analyzing user journeys across both a website and an app and tracking how new users arrive at both platforms, utilizing Google Analytics 4 (GA4) properties is the most appropriate technique for gaining insights. GA4 properties are designed to provide a unified view of user behavior across different platforms, including websites and mobile apps. In my experience with digital analytics, transitioning to GA4 properties has been essential for capturing comprehensive user data, understanding cross-platform interactions, and optimizing marketing strategies effectively. By implementing GA4 properties, businesses can track user interactions seamlessly across web and app platforms, attribute conversions accurately, and gain a holistic understanding of user behavior and acquisition channels. This level of integration and data consistency enables businesses to identify opportunities for cross-channel optimization, enhance user experiences, and drive better business outcomes. Overall, leveraging GA4 properties for analyzing user journeys across websites and apps empowers businesses to make informed decisions, optimize marketing efforts, and ultimately maximize the value of their digital assets.

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