Which of the following tools could you use in order to collect and send data from a mobile app to a Google Analytics 4 property?

Firebase SDK

Google Marketing Platform

Website tag

Google Ads

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Explanation: The correct answer is the ‘Firebase SDK.’ Utilizing the Firebase SDK (Software Development Kit) is crucial for collecting and sending data from a mobile app to a Google Analytics 4 property. Personally, I’ve implemented the Firebase SDK in numerous mobile app development projects to seamlessly integrate Google Analytics for comprehensive data tracking and analysis. The Firebase SDK not only enables the collection of standard app usage metrics but also allows for the tracking of custom events and user interactions, providing valuable insights into user behavior and app performance. Additionally, the Firebase SDK offers robust features for audience segmentation, user engagement analysis, and conversion tracking, empowering businesses to optimize their mobile app experiences effectively. In my experience, leveraging the Firebase SDK ensures accurate and reliable data collection, facilitating informed decision-making and iterative improvements to mobile app strategies. By incorporating the Firebase SDK into app development workflows, businesses can unlock the full potential of Google Analytics 4 for driving user engagement, retention, and business growth in the mobile space.

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