95% of buyers are out of market at any given time.



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Explanation: The correct answer is True. It is widely acknowledged in marketing and sales that the vast majority of potential buyers are typically not actively in the market for a particular product or service at any given time. Research suggests that around 95% of buyers are out of market, meaning they are not actively seeking to make a purchase or engage with sales offers. Instead, they may be in various stages of the buyer’s journey, such as awareness or consideration, where they are gathering information, evaluating options, or not yet ready to make a decision. Understanding this principle is crucial for businesses to adopt effective marketing and sales strategies that prioritize building brand awareness, nurturing leads, and maintaining engagement with potential customers over time. By recognizing that most buyers are not actively in the market, businesses can focus on creating valuable content, providing educational resources, and maintaining ongoing communication to stay top-of-mind with their target audience and influence their purchasing decisions when they do enter the market. Therefore, the statement that 95% of buyers are out of the market at any given time is true, highlighting the importance of adopting long-term, relationship-focused approaches to marketing and sales.

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