A company launched a thought leadership campaign. They promoted five different posts per industry, with a mix of client stories, data-driven thought leadership and innovative thinking. What is this a good example of? Select all that apply.

Bring a human element

Offer fresh perspectives

Leverage different paid ads LinkedIn has to offer

Align the company's brand and leadership voices

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Explanation: The selected answer options are ‘Bring a human element,’ ‘Offer fresh perspectives,’ and ‘Align the company’s brand and leadership voices.’ The thought leadership campaign launched by the company demonstrates several key characteristics that align with these choices. By promoting five different posts per industry with a mix of client stories, data-driven thought leadership, and innovative thinking, the campaign brings a human element to the company’s brand by showcasing real client experiences and perspectives. Furthermore, it offers fresh perspectives by presenting a variety of content types and angles, including data-driven insights and innovative ideas, which can capture the audience’s interest and attention. Additionally, by aligning the company’s brand and leadership voices through thought leadership content, the campaign establishes credibility, authority, and consistency in messaging, enhancing the company’s reputation and influence within its industry. Therefore, the campaign serves as a good example of bringing a human element, offering fresh perspectives, and aligning the company’s brand and leadership voices, as it effectively engages audiences with diverse, compelling content that reflects the company’s values, expertise, and vision.

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