A lead scoring model has different components that can be selected based on… Select all that apply




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Explanation: The selected answers are ‘Activity’ and ‘Demographics.’ A lead scoring model is a methodology used by businesses to evaluate and prioritize leads based on their likelihood to become customers. Activity refers to the actions and engagements that leads take, such as visiting a website, downloading content, or interacting with emails, which indicate their level of interest and engagement with the brand. Demographics encompass characteristics such as industry, company size, job title, and geographic location, providing insights into the lead’s profile and fit with the ideal customer persona. By considering both activity and demographics, businesses can create a comprehensive lead scoring model that accounts for both the level of engagement and the relevance of the lead’s profile, enabling more accurate and effective lead qualification and prioritization. However, seasonality is not typically a component of lead scoring models, as it does not directly relate to the lead’s behavior or characteristics and may not consistently impact their likelihood to convert. Therefore, selecting activity and demographics as components for a lead scoring model accurately reflects the key factors that businesses consider when evaluating and prioritizing leads for sales engagement and conversion efforts.

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