According to LinkedIn, anyone who watches at least 50% of your video ad is ready to be retargeted.



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Explanation: The correct answer is False. While video engagement can indicate interest and engagement with the content, it does not necessarily mean that the viewer is immediately ready to be retargeted. Retargeting strategies typically involve tracking user interactions beyond just video views, such as website visits, content downloads, or specific actions taken on the site. While watching at least 50% of a video ad may demonstrate a level of interest, it does not provide enough information to determine the viewer’s readiness for retargeting. Retargeting campaigns are often based on a combination of factors, including the level of engagement, recency of the interaction, and intent demonstrated by the user. Therefore, while video engagement can be a valuable signal for retargeting efforts, it is not the sole determinant, making the statement that anyone who watches at least 50% of a video ad is ready to be retargeted false.

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