According to LinkedIn, objective-based optimization is activated when you focus on maximum delivery and select reach or video views as an optimization goal.



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Explanation: The selected answer, ‘True,’ is correct because LinkedIn employs objective-based optimization when advertisers prioritize maximum delivery and select either reach or video views as their optimization goal. Objective-based optimization aligns the delivery of ads with the advertiser’s campaign objectives, ensuring that ad placements are optimized to achieve the desired outcome, whether it be maximizing reach or increasing video views. By focusing on maximum delivery and selecting reach or video views as optimization goals, advertisers signal to LinkedIn’s algorithm their primary objective, allowing the platform to optimize ad delivery to reach the largest relevant audience or maximize video views, depending on the campaign’s objectives. This approach enhances campaign performance by leveraging LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities and algorithmic optimization to ensure that ads are shown to users most likely to take the desired action, thereby improving overall campaign efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore, objective-based optimization plays a crucial role in helping advertisers achieve their campaign objectives and maximize the impact of their advertising efforts on the LinkedIn platform.

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