According to LinkedIn, what are targeting best practices? Select all that apply.

Split campaigns by region

Avoid inferred attributes

Align your audience to your target personas

Tailor content to your segments

Start broad with your targeting

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Explanation: LinkedIn provides several targeting best practices to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of advertising campaigns on its platform. Splitting campaigns by region allows advertisers to tailor their messaging and targeting strategies to specific geographic locations, ensuring relevance and resonance with local audiences. By avoiding inferred attributes, such as making assumptions about users based on their behavior or interests, advertisers can maintain accuracy and precision in targeting, avoiding potential misinterpretations and ensuring that their ads reach the intended audience segments. Aligning the audience to target personas involves identifying and understanding the characteristics, preferences, and behaviors of target audience segments, allowing advertisers to tailor their targeting criteria to match the profiles of ideal customers or prospects. This alignment enhances the relevance and effectiveness of ad campaigns, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion among the target audience. Furthermore, tailoring content to segments involves crafting personalized and relevant messaging that resonates with specific audience segments, addressing their unique needs, pain points, and preferences to drive engagement and conversions effectively. Finally, starting broad with targeting allows advertisers to cast a wide net initially, gathering insights and data on audience response and performance before refining targeting criteria further based on observed trends and patterns. This iterative approach enables advertisers to optimize campaign targeting over time, maximizing reach and effectiveness while minimizing wasted ad spend. Therefore, the selected answer is correct as it encompasses targeting best practices recommended by LinkedIn, focusing on relevance, precision, personalization, and iterative optimization to drive successful ad campaign outcomes on the platform.

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