According to LinkedIn, which ad type is not recommended for brand awareness campaigns?

Message Ads

Carousel Ads

Single Image Ads

Text Ads

Video Ads

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Explanation: The correct answer is Message Ads. While Message Ads can be highly effective for personalized communication and direct engagement with specific target audiences, they are typically not recommended for brand awareness campaigns. Message Ads are more suited for initiating one-on-one conversations or delivering personalized messages, making them ideal for lead generation or direct response objectives where the emphasis is on driving immediate action or engagement. In contrast, brand awareness campaigns aim to increase visibility, familiarity, and recognition of a brand among a broader audience. Therefore, ad formats such as Single Image Ads, Video Ads, or Carousel Ads are more commonly used for brand awareness initiatives, as they allow marketers to showcase compelling visuals, storytelling, and messaging that resonate with their target audience on a larger scale. These formats are better suited for capturing attention, conveying brand values, and leaving a lasting impression, which are essential elements of successful brand awareness campaigns on LinkedIn.

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