Aditya is responsible for driving talent acquisition leveraging his company’s new LinkedIn Page. The followers consist of 70% employees and 30% potential new hires. What is the recommended content strategy?

Develop content focused solely on potential new hires and promote Lead Gen Forms

Create content focused solely on employees to organically spread the word

Start with engaging both audiences directly, promoting your employee culture

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Explanation: Given that Aditya’s company’s LinkedIn Page followers consist of 70% employees and 30% potential new hires, the recommended content strategy is to start with engaging both audiences directly, promoting your employee culture. By acknowledging and catering to both employee and potential new hire audiences, Aditya can foster a dynamic and inclusive company culture while simultaneously showcasing the organization’s values, work environment, and employee experiences. Engaging content that highlights the company’s employee culture not only reinforces loyalty and satisfaction among current employees but also serves as a powerful recruitment tool by demonstrating the company’s unique selling points to prospective talent. This approach not only nurtures existing talent but also attracts and retains top talent, contributing to the overall success and growth of the organization. Therefore, the selected answer accurately identifies the recommended content strategy for Aditya to drive talent acquisition leveraging the company’s LinkedIn Page, leveraging engaging content to appeal to both employees and potential new hires and promoting the company’s employee culture as a key differentiator and recruitment asset.

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