Aditya is running a Video Ad campaign and he wants to drive conversions. What should he do?

Run a different Video Ad campaign

Retarget video viewers

Pause Video Ads since those can only be used for Brand awareness

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Explanation: Aditya, aiming to drive conversions with his Video Ad campaign, should retarget video viewers. Retargeting involves targeting users who have previously interacted with Aditya’s content, in this case, individuals who have watched his video ads. By retargeting these engaged users, Aditya can re-engage them with tailored messaging or offers, encouraging them to take the desired conversion actions, such as making a purchase or filling out a form. Retargeting video viewers capitalizes on their demonstrated interest in Aditya’s offerings, increasing the likelihood of conversion compared to targeting users who have not yet engaged with the video content. Running a different Video Ad campaign may not necessarily address the goal of driving conversions if it does not specifically target engaged video viewers. Additionally, pausing Video Ads solely because they are perceived as suitable only for brand awareness would be a missed opportunity, as video ads can effectively drive conversions when used strategically, especially with retargeting tactics. Therefore, the most effective approach for Aditya to drive conversions with his Video Ad campaign is to retarget video viewers.

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