Afiya is measuring brand lift for her LinkedIn campaign. What happens when she sets up a lift test? Select two.

Set up brand surveys that appear 1 to 7 days after an ad impression and are distributed to members in both groups

Split her target audience into 2 groups for the duration of the brand lift test: control and test groups

Set up brand surveys that appear 1 to 7 days after an ad impression and are distributed to only the test group

Use Reach and Frequency as her leading metrics

Split her target audience into 3 groups: Control, Test Group 1, Test Group 2

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Explanation: The selected answers are correct because they outline the essential steps involved in setting up a brand lift test on LinkedIn. By splitting her target audience into two groups—a control group and a test group—Afiya can accurately measure the impact of her campaign. The control group remains unaffected by the campaign, serving as a benchmark against which the test group’s response is compared. Additionally, setting up brand surveys that appear to both groups 1 to 7 days after an ad impression ensures that Afiya gathers feedback from members who have been exposed to her campaign. This approach allows her to assess any changes in brand perception or awareness resulting from her advertising efforts, providing valuable insights into the campaign’s effectiveness and helping her make informed decisions for future marketing strategies.

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