Alberto knows that when building his content strategy on LinkedIn, the competition for his audience’s attention is fierce. Which tips should he follow to ensure his creative gets noticed?

Use visual content, such as pictures or videos

Add multiple calls-to-action at the end

Create longer text posts

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Explanation: Alberto is correct in acknowledging the fierce competition for audience attention on LinkedIn, and to ensure his creative content stands out, he should follow the tip to use visual content, such as pictures or videos. Visual content has proven to be highly effective in capturing audience attention and driving engagement on social media platforms like LinkedIn. Incorporating eye-catching visuals, whether it’s striking images or engaging videos, can instantly grab the viewer’s attention as they scroll through their feed. Visuals not only enhance the appeal of the content but also convey messages more effectively and efficiently than plain text, making them more likely to resonate with the audience. By leveraging visual content, Alberto can increase the visibility and impact of his posts, effectively competing for his audience’s attention amidst the crowded digital landscape. In contrast, adding multiple calls-to-action at the end or creating longer text posts may overwhelm or disengage the audience, diluting the effectiveness of the content and reducing its chances of getting noticed. Therefore, the selected answer accurately identifies a key strategy for Alberto to employ in his content strategy on LinkedIn, emphasizing the importance of visual content in capturing audience attention and driving engagement in a competitive online environment.

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