Alexandra is working on her company's thought leadership strategy. According to LinkedIn, what are the leading metrics that Alexandra should track? Select all that apply.

Number of posts

Follower growth

Number of posts and follower growth

None of these

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Explanation: The correct answer is ‘Number of posts and follower growth.’ When crafting a thought leadership strategy on LinkedIn, tracking the number of posts and follower growth are essential metrics for assessing the effectiveness and impact of the strategy. The number of posts indicates the frequency and consistency of content creation, which is crucial for maintaining audience engagement and visibility on the platform. Regularly sharing thought-provoking content demonstrates expertise, fosters trust, and keeps the audience informed and engaged. Additionally, monitoring follower growth provides insights into the reach and resonance of Alexandra’s thought leadership content. A steady increase in followers signifies growing interest and engagement with the company’s brand and thought leadership efforts. By tracking these leading metrics, Alexandra can evaluate the performance of her thought leadership strategy, identify areas for improvement, and refine her approach to better resonate with her target audience. Therefore, focusing on the number of posts and follower growth aligns with LinkedIn’s recommendations for assessing the effectiveness of thought leadership initiatives and ensuring meaningful engagement and impact on the platform.

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