Alicia manages campaigns to sell security software to IT decision makers in the US. What steps should she take when she sets up campaign targeting? Select all that apply.

Choose the job function for decision makers

Pick specific relevant skills

Select US as the location

Exclude certain job seniorities who are not decision makers

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Explanation: When setting up campaign targeting to sell security software to IT decision makers in the US, Alicia should take several crucial steps to ensure her campaigns effectively reach and engage with the target audience. Firstly, she should choose the job function for decision makers, selecting roles such as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), IT Manager, or Security Analyst, among others, to specifically target individuals who hold decision-making authority within their organizations regarding security software purchases. Secondly, Alicia should pick specific relevant skills that align with the expertise and responsibilities of IT decision makers, such as network security, cybersecurity, or information technology management, ensuring that her ads reach professionals with the requisite knowledge and interest in security solutions. Thirdly, Alicia should select US as the location to narrow down her targeting to IT decision makers located within the United States, focusing her campaign efforts on a geographically relevant audience. Lastly, Alicia should exclude certain job seniorities who are not decision makers to refine her targeting further and ensure that her ads are not displayed to individuals who may not have the authority to make purchasing decisions regarding security software, optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of her campaigns. By taking these steps, Alicia can tailor her campaign targeting to reach the right audience with the right message, increasing the likelihood of driving engagement and conversions among IT decision makers interested in security software solutions. Therefore, the selected answer is correct, as choosing the job function for decision makers, picking specific relevant skills, selecting US as the location, and excluding certain job seniorities who are not decision makers are essential steps for Alicia to take when setting up campaign targeting for selling security software to IT decision makers in the US.

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