Alicia sees that engagement with her LinkedIn ads is lower than expected. Which two strategies can she use to make the visuals on her ads have a thumb-stopping moment?

Add shapes to her images

Use monochrome images

Use photos of real people

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Explanation: To enhance engagement with her LinkedIn ads and create a thumb-stopping moment, Alicia can utilize the strategies of adding shapes to her images and using photos of real people. Incorporating shapes into her images can help draw attention to key elements or focal points, effectively guiding the viewer’s gaze and prompting them to stop scrolling. By strategically placing shapes or overlays, Alicia can create visual interest and intrigue, compelling users to pause and engage with the ad content. Additionally, using photos of real people adds authenticity and relatability to the ads, making them more compelling and humanizing the brand or message. Real faces elicit emotional connections and resonate with viewers on a personal level, increasing the likelihood of engagement and interaction with the ad. Therefore, employing these two strategies—adding shapes to images and using photos of real people—can effectively capture attention, drive engagement, and create memorable experiences for viewers, addressing Alicia’s concern of lower-than-expected engagement with her LinkedIn ads.

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